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VERY helpful information guys. I really appreciate it. I wonder if I started in august, would I be ok 2 months into it, with October weather, in the lower part of the terms of passes or such? Planning on being slow and steady, so maybe 50 a day, which puts my trip at 2 1/2 months, not counting rest/fun days off. More like 3 months with those days added in.

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone. I am new to this forum and distance cycling.
I was thinking of starting north of Bellingham, WA at Canadian border and taking the Northern Tier going west to the Great Parks North, see Glacier NP, double back, then southward in Montana to hook up with Transamerica for Yellowstone etc. to CO to detour to Great Parks South and back, then west again on the Western Express to Utah, then south on the Grand Canyon connector to the Southern Tier, then east to El Paso/Mexico.
This would be my first tour, and my goal doing this is to see a lot of the Nat. Parks. The main concern is this...what date range could I start? Also, I have had 5 right knee surgeries!...ok, and I'm 52...but in good shape. Going solo.  Good endurance guy, don't mind pain (marathons and such) but wondering if anyone has done this route and their thoughts in terms of difficulty or something less obvious I might be missing in terms of the route. I guess is there some glaring reason (assuming I have trained properly) I should not choose any of these segments, logistics-wise?

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