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Hmm, I don't know anything about cyclocross, but the absolute cheapest one on that particular site is £580! So they could be a bit out of my budget.

I've been commuting 10 minutes to work and back every day for the past year, and I want to step up my cycling and do more of it both for fun and for cycling 40-60 minutes to the city centre, as well as occasional longer rides.

My current bike is the absolute cheapest that I could find, and it has fallen apart and no longer do the gears work and one brake is faulty.

This is a list of what I found. My budget is ~£500


I want a hybrid bike for sure. I will mainly use it on the road but also sometimes doing light trails and such so I don't want a pure road bike.

I hope to use it for fitness as well as commuting and travelling to the centre, hoping to completely eliminate my usage of the bus!

All advice is welcome! Thank you.

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