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Gear Talk / Recommend a road, touring bag setup?
« on: December 29, 2012, 01:36:41 pm »
I want to get into road bicycle touring, with the goal of experiencing the TransAm. Probably sometime during the seasons of spring through fall.

Can you please recommend a setup of bags to use or the style of setup that you would feel comfortable using in a semi relaxed touring fashion?

i.e. not a FKT attempt, grams and durability of gear counts, would be using road shoes, lugging lightweight sandals, probably going stove-less, tarp, bug net, quilt, night lights, bike supplies, zero pairs of duplicate clothing, maybe a pair of sil-nylon baggy shorts for zeros in town. Maybe the ability to lug a 6 pack or a bottle of wine out of town with. Maybe some luxury item that I can't think of.

The objective of the trip would be, to be as comfortable and be traveling as efficient as possible while pedaling the bike.
I've thru-hiked the AT with Ray Jardine gear. I'm familiar with sewing his kits.

I'm feeling weary of the whole no rear rack on a touring road bike and using a frame bag cause of knee banging.

The bike I've got now I'm assuming, is not suitable for touring. (It's in the video below) Alu frame, no eyelets, carbon handle, fork and seat-post, big gears, blade spokes.
"Juggling Torches on Bike Rollers"


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