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General Discussion / Re: Cross Country on a recumbent bike
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:18:32 am »
Hi all,
This piqued my interest as I am planning a cross country trip via recumbent in 2014. Actually I desire to circumnavigate the lower 48 but my husband/sag support driver has suggested Key West to San Diego for starters to see how it goes. I checked the mileage for what I desire and it turns out to be about 12,000 miles. I desire to travel via bike paths whenever possible.
My background is a Navy retiree and long distance backpacker for the past ten years or so. Just finished the Continental Divide Trail last summer. This summer is my husband's choice of location for the summer and its back to Alaska.  One of my hikes in 2002 was from Key West, FL to Newfoundland, about 5800 miles  in about 11 months so I figure by bike my hiking partner and I should be able to bike the 12,000 miles in a few months. Any comments, suggestions? Have traveled some 1000 miles via recumbent back in 2003 from Hornell, NY to Richmond, VA.

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