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Classifieds / Re: FS: Bob Beckman Expediton Panniers for sale
« on: January 31, 2013, 09:39:56 am »
The panniers themselves are water-resistant material, I am not 100% certain, but I think the material is Cordura.  The panniers and the handlebar bag to have waterproof nylon covers which slip on and off. 
What looks like a large handlebar bag is actually a second bag temporarily on top the front rack.  Only the teal colored part is the handlebar bag.

Classifieds / SOLD: Bob Beckman Expediton Panniers
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:56:02 pm »
I have a complete set of Bob Beckman Expedition Panniers for sale.  They were made for Bruce Gordon racks.  The set includes 4 expandable panniers and 1 handlebar bag. In case you are not familiar with the expandable panniers, each zips apart into two separate bags so you can tailor your carrying capacity to your tour.  These panniers are just great for tandem touring.  Panniers are teal / black.

Includes one set of Expedition rear panniers, one set of Expedition front panniers, four pannier rain covers with reflective stripes, one handlebar bag with quick release mounting bracket, map pocket, and rain cover.
Only 2 of the panniers show any color fading.  All zippers, snaps, clinch straps in excellent condition.
Beckman Expedition panniers are generally considered the best of the best for price is no object bombproof  touring panniers. They are exceedingly well made and well designed.  Material quality is also superb.  But the best thing about Beckman panniers is that they mount more rigidly and sway less than any other pannier system available.  Expedition panniers are his best pannier line. Originally all the Beckman panniers cost about $976 including the handlebar bag.

Will sell everything listed here for $400, plus actual cost of shipping.

A Bruce Gordon rear rack, built for a Santana tandem is available separately.  Please write for dimensions to see if it will fit your application.

Please contact me with any additional questions.

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