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Hello everyone
I'm planning for a biking trip this Sep (2013), starting from San francisco bay area to East coast, likely biking to San Diego, and then taking the southern tier route, which ends at Florida. The whole trip is about 50 - 60 days.

Biking across america has been my dream and passion, and its excites me  every single day.

If you're t ooexcited about doing something very special in your life, something you can be proud of and fond of memory for rest of your life,  please msg me and see if we can partner on the trip.

P.S. a bit about myself -- I work in High-tech industry and live in bay area, in my mid 20's. Have some intl travel experience, bike and run regularly (but will certainly need much more biking training in next 5 months)

Any experiences sharing are much appreciated too!!

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