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General Discussion / Re: how to keep my feet warm!
« on: January 23, 2014, 10:46:33 pm »
TOO many pairs of socks. Your feet are overheating .. sweating then they will freeze on you.  I don't have the best circulation, but I have found ONE pair of medium weight smart wool socks work just fine. I NEVER wear more than one pair of socks and I live in Michigan riding 20's - 30's temps and my feet stay warm (with KEEN mt shoes on too) I did buy a pair of winter Louis Garneau boots. I also wear Pearl Izumi thermal tights.  As for my head I have a 45NRTH Lung Cookie Balaclava Cycling Cap that is worn under the helmet two layers of 100% merino wool.

The Trek came with 700 32c tires and they handle dirt/gravel roads fairly well.  IMO .. there is a reason why there are so many types of bikes available designed for specific purposes. I just think the OP would be pushing his luck wanting to use the bike that he has for touring purposes hauling a load. The three bikes that I have cover my needs without having to push them (and with care they will last me years to come)

I have three very different bikes for different types of riding .. REI MTB Madrona, Specialized Dolce Sport compact and I just bought a Trek 520 with front & rear racks. There is a big difference with comfort on unrepaired roads with my road bike and the Trek. The dedicated tour bike smooths out the bumps much better than the Specialized. The Trek 520 is built to take on the extra weight over different types of terrain. I wouldn't dream of using my light weight  road bike for hauling/pulling anything. There is a good chance that over a bad bump that you could break something.

I swap the trunk between the bikes. I have emergency repair kit & tools, rain gear, emergency med kit. The little bag up front hold my cell phone, house keys and a small ID wallet w/license.

Knowing how my roads are and throughout my state of Michigan .. I would never attempt to use my road bike for touring all day. I would be in a world of pain too.

Uggh .. I can't get the pics to work on this forum ..

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