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Classifieds / Re: For Sale: Sun EZ-Sport AX Recumbent. $650 OBO. Ohio
« on: February 01, 2020, 04:20:39 pm »
An Easy Sport CX was my first recumbent. Best wishes on the sale of your bike.

thanks md19, I had hoped the problem was (the usual) operator error, as opposed to the Garmin maps just not knowing about our local bike routes.   Sigh.

I'm routing on the Oregon, real time (not in advance-ride somewhere, then ask it to "take me home").  Just on the unit itself.

I have an Oregon 450 w/City Navigator, & find that when I use the routing function (get me from A to B), the system suggests high traffic roads & ignores the signed bike routes in my town.  I've checked the Setup/Routing/Activity/ and either "Cycling" or "Tour Cycling" gives the same results.  Any advice?--george

I wondered if the ANT radio in the Garmin Oregon 450 could be turned off, as currently I don't have any ANT accessories.  I use the smartphone analogy that I turn off the extra radios (BT, Wifi, & GPS) to extend the battery life, and just turn them on when needed.

I recently got a "B & M Luxos U" dyno headlight (quite bright & a very wide beam, recommended!), which has a USB charging port (will charge devices in route, so it claims).  I have had a bit of success charging my smartphone, (first ride around the block, only 5 minute ride).  What I want to know is if I apply a USB charging current to the Oregon 450, will it switch to running off the external source and save the internal AA batteries?

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / New Oregon 450 & Topo 100K
« on: December 11, 2012, 04:22:21 pm »
New Oregon 450 user here, and I’m still in basic learning mode. On the advice of a friend I purchased US Topo 100K, and have the portions I frequent (SE US) loaded. The friend also has SE US Topo 24K.  The 24K will route, turn by turn from A to B, but over the same route, 100K will not, the error message is “Route calculation error: Maps do not have routable roads in this area”.

Does that suggest that I can’t route using Topo 100K, or does that suggest “operator error” which is my usual problem. I had planned to buy City Navigator, but have not done so yet.

Note we each have the maps loaded on to a micro SD card, and we have been swapping cards to compare features of the map sets, and the 450 Vs Etrex Vista hcx.

Something obvously went wrong with loading the whole USA  topo 100K on the SD card.  So I tried again, loading only about 1/4 of the US (southeast) on the SD card, took 25 minutes or so.  Works OK now.  I have no explanation (neither did Garmin tech support).  I attribute most of my troubles to "operator error" combined w/ poor "get started" from the company.  I did have a pleasantly short wait to talk to their tech support folks, and that is not very common in my experience- kudos Garmin.

It took more than an hour to load the "Topo US 100K" DVD to my Intel Core i5, 4 gig RAM, (not new, but no slouch either) notebook, is that about right?  Also I noticed that the DVD had no "readme" file, a bad sign for a satisfied customer experience.

Installing "Topo US 100K" to a micro SD card (via direct USB adapter) was predicted to take 5 hours after it had been going for a few minutes, but at 69% complete (took overnight to get there!), the prediction is still at 6+ hours (prediction has been above 10 hours). I’ve never had S/W take that long to load.  In talking to Garmin customer support, they say that is 4X too long, but that it does takes a while to push 4+ gig of data over a USB interface.  He had no advice about what I might be doing wrong that might cause such a long load time.  Again no “word to the wise” about this will take a long, long time in a readme file.

The Basecamp help file suggests that some S/W products need unlock keys, while others don’t, & suggests looking for “a yellow slip of paper with unlock code on it” in the DVD cardboard sleeve; I did not find the paper.  Garmin tech support reports that "Topo US 100K" does not need an unlock code,  while acknowledging that that bit of info is not easy to find.

I plan to buy City Navigator & load on the Oregon 450, so I asked how much storage "Topo US 100K" takes (4 gig), and then how much CN takes (1.6 gig), so my 4 gig card is too small, but it was handy last night.  Then I ask if I can just copy the files from the 4 gig card to the larger card when installing CN.  Answer “no, you must install all over again "Topo US 100K" and CN to a larger card.  Not the answer I was looking for, after I’ve spent more than all day getting "Topo US 100K" on the card, and its not done yet.

So far I could not recommend a Garmin S/W product to friends & family if asked, because the out of the box user experience has been so poor. I hope that my experiences are in the minority.

Any advice about what I’m doing wrong?

I’m using MapInstall to load maps on the micro SD card, direct connected via adapter to a USB port on the notebook computer.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Topo US 100K, what date is current?
« on: December 07, 2012, 01:33:03 pm »
I called Garmin tech support, and version 4.0 is current, seems to be a release date of 2009. Having differnt dates on the same product is confusing to me as a consumer.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Topo US 100K, what date is current?
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:03:26 pm »
Thanks mdxix, my DVD also say version 4.0.  Their marketing seems rather obtuse to me

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Topo US 100K, what date is current?
« on: December 06, 2012, 11:13:54 pm »
I bought Garmin Topo US 100K, and the DVD cardboard jacket is dated 2009, while the printed label on the disk is dated 2008.  Did I buy the curent version?--george

Oregon 450 arrived, registered with Garmin (another account user & pw, grumble, grumble) updated the S/W, and now playing with the unit.  My brother has a an eTrex, and when compared, the eTrex screen is much crisper, & easier to read under most conditions even with the backlight at brightest setting on teh 450 (indoor, outdoor sunny day in the shade)  About the only condition where the Oregon is nearly equally readable is in bright sun.  So far no too pleased with the display.

Also the touch screen is much less sensitive than my touch screen Smartphone, so I’m still learning the Oregon.  I have not yet found an adjustment for the touch screen sensitivity.

I ordered a Garmin Oregon 450 touch screen mapping GPSR today, and plan to add City Navigator  on DVD + some topo maps.  I'll report back after I get some time on it. I did not particularly want the camera of the 550, and the Montana series was just more than I wanted to spend, but did want the 3 axis compass & barometric altimeter thus the 450.

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