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OK......I suppose I may be taking advantage of your willingness to respond.......but another brief question if you don't mind:
What are your thoughts on the need for "Protection" on this route? My wife and I on the Bike for a month on the road/ campgrounds/ B&B's/ Warmshowers/ etc.  Dogs/animals/unwanted humans etc.
-No need
-heavy artillery

Thank you SO, SO Much!!  We appreciate your thoughts and comments. VERY helpful!!

General Discussion / Re: Road bike for touring??
« on: February 17, 2014, 05:35:19 pm »
All fantastic advice.
Already looking at touring bikes and panniers (at REI).
I wasn't sure if I really needed a touring Bike.....until now.
I think I prefer the Novara Randonee. Shifting/Brakes/includes rack/price.....etc....all seem favorable.
Appreciate the comments.

General Discussion / Re: Road bike for touring??
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:33:01 pm »
Fair enough.
I was just hoping to save the expense of another bike.
Do you recommend the Surly? I AM an REI fan and a member. Will this bike effectively hold the panniers and the gear that I need for a 1 month long trip? I assume you prefer panniers versus the trailer? (I have seen this pretty consistently).
Is it geared sufficiently for the climbs on the Calif coast?
This is our first LONG trip as a couple. We WILL focus on traveling light as we have heard over and over.....but.....

Really appreciate the feedback. This is our first ride of this kind. A bit intimidating learning all of the aspects of such a ride....including anticipated weather and conditions of a new route.
We will have blinking lights for sure. And we are somewhat accustomed to traffic.....but..... We don't want to be stupid either. I think we assumed that this is a very popular route and that it was pretty bike friendly. If you don't mind.... a couple of quick questions:

-Do you still think that it is relatively safe?

-I have done the "Cycle Greater Yellowstone" last year (with plenty of elevation)- does this route have multiple difficult climbs? I'm trying to determine if we have the gears needed to haul all of our gear. I am also trying to just determine if my Trek Domane 6 series road bike can make the trip with the added weight (we will be 100% self-supported).  Trailer? and different wheels?

-Are accomodations/Campsites/ Warmshowers etc., fairly easy to secure this time of year? Reservations needed?

I appreciate any feedback. Sorry to burden you with this- but you sound like you've "been there".

Mitch Zimmerman

General Discussion / Re: Road bike for touring??
« on: February 12, 2014, 07:51:42 pm »
I have a fairly new Trek Domane 6 series. Great road bike. All carbon. Last summer did the "Cycle Greater Yellowstone" tour which was 450 miles in 6 days of riding with plenty of elevation. This ride was 100% supported, so only weight was me and a backpack.

I am now planning a month long "tour" that will be completely self-supported. My wife and I are planning to start in Portland Oregon the first of May- travel to Astoria- then south to San Francisco. I weigh 195 and will now need to carry tents, food, water, etc. etc.
I have heard and seen all recommendations for carrying the load.
Gut tells me the bike will be too heavy with panniers only. And that the wheels wont support.
Should I do a trailer? And swap out wheel(s)?
Maybe I can carry the majority of the weight on the trailer- then get panniers for my wife's bike and she can carry less weight.
I DON"T want to damage my great road bike in any way!!!

I am planning to ride from Portland Oregon to Astoria....then down to San Fran starting in May. Probably a month on the road. Any thoughts on that timeframe? Weather/Traffic etc.

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