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International / World Adventure Project 2015
« on: March 23, 2014, 11:31:59 am »
A trip around the world is always an adventure.

Hot deserts and impenetrable jungles , white sand beaches to endless translucent oceans and gravel paths meandering up to the highest mountains in the world. Wild animals and different cultures in different areas of the planet.

Who has not dreamed to see the sun rise once over the Serengeti with a herd of elephants bathing or spanning his hammock between two redwood trees in Canada.
The adrenaline that shoots through the body with every paddle stroke on the biggest waters of the world or the pain caused by a million needles during a tropical rain.
It's a fascinating world , full of contrasts and surprises , and there is probably no better way to explore it than your own muscle power to suck up the environment at a pace that allows it, with all its smells and impressions.

In March 2015 I will start this new incredible adventure through 57 countries on four continents and 85,000 km.

I want to invite all the adventurers aound the world to fllow my progress and help me finding solutions on the problems coming up (and they will come up)

All the best from Cologne, Germany.

Markus Schorn

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