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My husband and I bikepacked this route for the first two weeks in September. For the road closure on the Middle Fork of the Boise, we crossed the river (which was kind of sketchy because the river was reasonably high) and then had this crazy bushwhack for 1/2 mile along river left (opposite side of the river from where the road used to be).  Anyway, it was a quicksand mucky mess.  Took us 2 hours to go 1/2 mile.  I wouldn't recommend that.  But the river right side (where the road used to be) looked super sketchy too, basically a pretty sheer slope where if you missed, it was a nasty fall directly into the river.  We didn't see a trail.  At any rate, wanted to provide feedback for our experience. Hopefully they get the road fixed this fall!  It was great biking because there was no traffic with the road being closed! Although we did have to get our bikes tuned up in Ketchum because the mud did its magic on the gears and shifting.

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