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Colorado / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: February 26, 2009, 11:49:36 pm »
my name is roy leinfuss, i live in usual loop is fairplay to hartsel to trout creek pass back to fairplay.i switch directions every other is the harsel loop.been a member of bikecentennial/adventure cycling,starting in 1987, took some time off and now have been a member for 11 everyday i ride here i'm on the transamerica for 18 miles.i've had plenty of tourons,stay at the house on their journey.people have shown me tremendous kindness on my trips.i've lived in colorado since 1983, and have been "seen" by millons on this route,plus us 50 between co.114 and montrose and co. 125/127 between walden,co. and saratoga,wyoming.this winter has been great for riding,unlike last years fiasco.i used to ride us 285 to buena vista ,co.9 to guffy and us 24 to lake george.drives of cars have gotten more impatient, so i don't bother with those  really anymore.hoosier pass is the same way, really aggressive driving.i warn all tours comig through to really,really be careful.i've riden almost evey paved pass and a bunch of unpaved passes on my road bike, want  a good one engineer pass out of lake city...riden to california 4 times from here, 2007 biggest ride, 5200 miles via 5 routes of adventure cycling and 1 my own way. if colorado was summer year round, i'd be homeless.....such a great way to see the world

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