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Routes / Re: Lexignton, KY to Asheville, NC - how to develop a route?
« on: February 25, 2016, 09:46:33 pm »
I use the free version of ridewithgps, but I know I've uploaded files to my cell phone. I don't know about printing maps, but I have printed cue-sheets. You might want to check on the paid version - it might enable you to do what you want.

Routes / Re: Lexignton, KY to Asheville, NC - how to develop a route?
« on: February 23, 2016, 08:02:16 pm »
I like, but there are many more out there. It has lots of pull down options in upper right including OSM cycle. I've had pretty good luck searching for local routes, posted by others, and you can reach out to the route author for feedback. That will still leave you patching local rides together. Not as much info as an ACA map, but better than riding blind.

I also second the DOT method. I know in NC you can download pdf maps. My experience with these is great, but I'm not generally looking for the fastest way, but the least traffic and most scenic.

Routes / Re: Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC
« on: February 18, 2016, 10:07:43 pm »
If you are starting in Wilmington I suggest you start downtown vs the Military Cutoff Rd route litespeed mentions, which is more appropriate if starting north of Wilmington on US 17. You can take front st south then bear right onto Burnett as you pass Greenfield Lake. You can essentially take this all the way to River Road down to Carolina Beach. After crossing Snows Cut (no nice way to cross this bridge), bear right and take Dow Rd to Kure Beach. I just modified a there and back route I take to Southport via the ferry at Federal Point, that I'll link to below. It shows most of this route. After Snows Cut you can also just stay on 421 and go through the beach towns, it's just busier with stop lights. More traffic but the speed limit is low so it's not too bad. There is some rough pavement here and there around the state port, but River Road is very nice - it has recently been re-aligned and repaved and there is a nice shoulder. Even when traffic is heavy it feels safe. I would avoid 421/Carolina Beach Rd if at all possible from Wilmington to Snows Cut as it can be pretty scary as it is 4 lanes with no shoulder and moving fast, plus there is little but strip malls for scenery. As litespeed mentions US 17 is the main route and it is not a great bike road. Even when we do this route to Southport, we don't ride much around southport as the roads are usually busy and not much in the way of width. I'd suggest looking at Adventure's Atlantic Coast route. It looks like it follows what I'm suggesting down to Southport, and pretty much avoids US 17. These state roads will take longer, but be far safer and much more scenic. Towns worth a stop; Southport, Sunset Beach NC,

Gear Talk / Re: Great Divide Gear Questions
« on: October 26, 2015, 07:47:22 pm »
I recently had this exact discussion with a trusted mechanic that works on a lot or rentals in the Sedona area. My girlfriend and I are planning a summer 2016 great divide. His opinion; personal preference and don't lose sleep over this decision. If you are just more comfortable with cables then stick with it. His opinion re; on the trail repair of hydraulic was; If you bust a line, you likely crashed and bent the disc and have much bigger problems.

Might be quite the undertaking, but you could piece together other folks rides from ridewithgps and the likes. I've had good luck finding routes that way. You can email the ride creator too. Most people will email you back and offer advise. is another source and (an ACA blog) has good resources.

Routes / Re: james river bridge crossing
« on: October 11, 2015, 07:56:49 pm »
litespeed is correct - definitely closed to bikes. I wouldn't advise it anyway as traffic on highways in that area is nuts - all directions in rush hour. Even on bridges that you can cross, be careful of those metal grates on drawbridges. They are slippery to pedestrians and bikes, plus in some areas they are adding studs - making it even scarier. Virgina DOT used to have a pretty friendly hot line for cyclist - might be worth a VDOT website.

Florida thru NC and most of Virginia is pretty flat. For the most part anything east of I-95 is the 'coastal plain' and pretty dog-gone flat except for the slight dips at creeks along country roads. Once you get above the James River in VA and start heading west to Richmond you are getting into the 'piedmont' (foothills) and you will find some rolling hills. Nothing approaching a mountain and anything steep will be relatively short in duration. That pretty much continues north of richmond with some 'flat' breaks. Wind can be pretty tough on the outer banks of NC, usually blowing from the S - SW, but can switch any season.

Thanks - Sounds perfect; closed to cars, no airplanes or rangers, VERY remote! Well- okay the girlfriend is not excited about the bear skat everywhere... :o :o

General Discussion / Re: Buying Used Question
« on: August 04, 2015, 08:25:06 pm »
Ditto on taking it to your favorite shop.   Bought my road bike used and after a year am putting on new sprocket and chain, plus put a wheel on first thing. Not saying I was ripped off, in fact considering my income I'd do the same thing. I got a great trek bike for $350, and will soon have $575 in it. Nothing that may not have worn out in a year anyway with regular riding, but my guess is a new bike would have only needed tires and brakes by now.

Not being in a rush is good. I watched craigslist for 3 months or more before I found what I wanted at what I could pay. Just looking everyday I learned a lot.

My 2 cents

Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast - In the area of Bogue Sound
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:28:31 pm »
Can't say that I can answer why, but my guess would be traffic. Though 24 and 70 are pretty busy as well. The 58 route is busy during the summer, but has nice shoulders for most of the island and a paved 'greenway' trail for pedestrians and bicycles for portions of the island. I prefer the road since the greenways are slower due to pedestrians and intersections. The southern bridge is two lanes with very wide shoulders. It' typically suitable for bikes, but there occasionally is debris on the shoulder. It is also a very high bridge with a low guardrail. Google street view gives you a pretty good idea of both bridges and 58 (though not the summer traffic). You should look on NC DOT's web site - NC has a bike route program. I'm sure they would be happy to help. I'll check myself tomorrow.

Perfect - thank you John!

Wondering if it's worth leaving the Great Divide trail at Red Meadow Rd and taking North Fork Rd to Polebridge mt and accessing Glacier park on the west side, then rejoining Great Divide trail at Columbia Falls or Whitefish MT. Or even fording the N Flathead River and taking Kitna Lake Rd south to the going to sun road. Looks pretty doable by google maps, but looking for feedback and wondering if anyone had actually gone this route. thanks!

Routes / Re: Appalachian mountain bike tour? Great Divide prep.
« on: November 07, 2014, 12:58:43 pm »
Thanks! Looks like 2 strong leads.

Routes / Appalachian mountain bike tour? Great Divide prep.
« on: November 06, 2014, 04:50:10 pm »
Im looking to get my feet wet doing some mt bike touring in preparation for a great divide trip without flying out west.  Looking for recommendations in the Appalachian mountains - NC-VA-TN area or as close as possible.  Living in Raleigh. Even an overnight.  Ideas?

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