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Routes / Re: How to know if newer map version has re-routes?
« on: November 08, 2016, 11:52:55 am »
Jennifer - Thanks so much for taking the time and resources to develop this improvement to ACA's already stellar map offering.

Just FYI, this question came up in the context of discussions I was having with our Oregon DOT Bike & Ped program manager and the Central Oregon DOT regional active transportation liaison about USBRS 76 adoption in Oregon (I didn't sense a lot of interest). This does raise an interesting question of how ACA changes to the TransAm route would impact USBRS 76 routes that were adopted and signed (sorry for the thread drift).

Routes / How to know if newer map version has re-routes?
« on: October 11, 2016, 04:32:28 pm »
I just noticed accidentally (I now live in central Oregon) that on Section 2 of the TransAm Trail the 2013 map printing routes along Hwy 126 between Redmond, OR and Prineville, while the 2016 version apparently moved the route north to Hwy 370/O'Neill Hwy. This was a great idea given the increased traffic on Hwy 126, but re-route doesn't seem to be mentioned in either addenda (2013 or 2016).

So two questions:

1) How would I know before heading out that my -1 generation map doesn't follow the same route as the newer one? I have no problem buying the newer one if necessary, but I always assumed printing the addenda would keep me current at least for two map generations. I frequently buy maps a year or two in advance for planning purposes.

2) Would it make sense to add a statement to the addenda for the older version if the route has changed on a newer version?



Routes / Re: Crescent City to Seattle weather
« on: November 13, 2014, 06:10:03 pm »
Pretty much anytime it is sunny on the N California / Oregon coast the wind will be whipping out of the north. On a NorCal coast tour a couple of years ago I was chatting with a local cyclist near Klamath, CA about the wind (I was headed south); he mentioned the county transit bus bike racks were always full on the NB buses during the summer.

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