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General Discussion / Logistics for GDMBR
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:14:05 pm »

I just incorporated to this forum and I say hello to all of you.

This summer I'm traveling to the USA for cycling in the GDMBR. We will be a group of 8 people and we'll stay in your country for 4 week. Our aim is to cycle from somewhere in the north (still to be decided) to somewhere close to Denver

We'll go from Spain and Denver is the easiest (and cheapest) way to get close to the route from here.

Our idea is to rent a van and drive form Denver to the north. Once in the north, 7 of us will cycle and the other one will drive the van (changing driver everyday)

My questions are the next ones:

- Is it posible to arrive with a van to any place on the route where the group is going to pass the night? I still didn´t study the route but we will be able to cycle 60-80km per day (100 or even plus if necesary, but not everyday)

- I'm searching for van rentals in the Internet but I'm getting confused. Any advise of how to handle the logistics for this trip will be welcome

Thank you very much.

Andoni Solagaistua

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