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General Discussion / Passports?
« on: March 11, 2016, 04:25:07 pm »
Pretty sure this is a dumb question and that I know the answer but just in case...
Do I need to take a passport for any reason on the TransAm?

A year ago when I started my first list I was planning to do the Northern Tier and I put Passport on my packing list in case I wanted to detour or pass into Canada, but now I am settled on the TransAm and thinking to just leave the PP at home does that sound right?

General Discussion / Reflections on First Rain Ride
« on: March 04, 2016, 06:58:36 pm »
I rarely ride in the rain.  In my day by day hobby of riding for exercise and enjoyment, I choose not to ride in the rain, so in planning for my first long tour I am expecting rain will come and today did a test ride on my tour bike with my newly installed fenders.  Today it is raining a medium and steady rain so thought it might be a good test with the weather not to cold - current temp is 57.  Since I am more aware of things my first time doing something I made some notes and then thought why not post them. So, these are my observations.

1. No one passed me in my lane today.  Every driver gave me the lane. Traffic was not heavy today but during my hour ride I was passed by perhaps 25 cars.  Usually at least a few buzz by me in my lane.  I don't know if it was because I put on the panniers which are bright and stand out.  I don't think so, I think it was because drivers were more cautious driving in the rain.

2. My sunglasses were either fogged or wet, so I was hoping others could see me better than I could see them.  (I did have my front and back lights blinking.)  I also noted that I couldn't read my computer at all so if I want to use it then its probably better to just start it and then stick it inside the handlebar bag and keep it dry and not be distracted trying to read it through wet glasses and a wet screen.

3. Going downhill in the rain is hard.  As soon as I reached about 20mph I felt uncomfortable (kinda squirrrely) and needed to slow down.  Also the cold wet fingers did not grip the brakes as securely as I wanted.

4. For the first 30 minutes I was comfortable but by the time my legs warmers and shoes and socks and gloves soaked through I started shivering and at that point the ride was not enjoyable.  I also noted that a helmet cover and shoe covers are required for me unless perhaps it is a warm summer rain???  At the end of the ride a cross wind picked up for about 10 minutes and that was difficult.

5. Its hard to find a nice place to stop for a break when it is raining. During my local rides I look for a park bench or rock under a tree and about every 45 min I will take a break and drink some water and sometimes a couple bites of trail mix.  Today, I didn't need to stop on the short ride but in the spirit of the test I started looking for a place to take a rest stop.  I found a barn in the park, but the floor was muddy getting in. I slipped a bit riding in but didn't want to get off to walk in the mud.

6. When I got home went in the kitchen to change there was a good puddle of water on the floor by the time I got on dry clothes.  I put everything in the dryer and was thinking this would not be as easy to do in a camp while putting up a tent in the rain and so on...

General Discussion / Estimating travel days to arrive on specific date
« on: February 29, 2016, 03:24:45 pm »
As I am typing the question I know there is no easy answer, but I thought I'd solicit suggestions anyway.  I have had to change my plans because of a family reunion that has been planned for the middle of the summer.  I was planning to leave the dates open and leave Oregon when the passes opened... arrive on the East Coast when I arrived.  But now the family has planned a reunion and I have to be in Bozeman Montana on a certain date the end of July.  So I am changing plans and will leave Yorktown, VA in May and travel E-W.  But what date do I leave?

I am asking for any ideas on how to plan a departure date.  This is my first long tour - longer than a week so I'm not positive how many miles a day I will travel or how many rest days I'll need.  I could estimate very conservatively but I don't want to arrive in Montana a week early for the reunion  :)  I certainly don't want to arrive late.  My first thought was to just count the miles and divide by 50 miles per day and add one rest day per week.

If any practiced travelers have wise suggestions I'd appreciate your thoughts...

Gear Talk / Installing rack and fenders tomorrow, quick question
« on: February 25, 2016, 01:16:15 am »
Tomorrow I am installing fenders and racks on my REI Randonee with braze-ons.  This is my first time to install either, so knowing my mechanical skill this may take awhile.  I'm wondering what do I want to install first, the RACK or the FENDERS?

I doubt it matters but if it does, I am installing a used Tubus Tara and new Planet Bike Cascade Fenders.

Oh also, do the wheels come off or stay on for installation?

Gear Talk / How to pack my sleeping bag
« on: February 03, 2016, 05:55:02 pm »
I'm organizing my first tour that is not credit card style.  I ordered the North Face "Aleutian" sleeping bag and when it arrived I was really surprised at how big it is. (16" long and 10.5 across) Its big enough to take up a whole pannier.  I assume it doesn't need to go inside the bag, except what about rain protection?  So my question is how to carry/pack the sleeping bag on my bicycle? 

Gear Talk / Front and Rear Racks Recommendation
« on: December 03, 2015, 03:52:01 pm »
Since i last wrote about bike and budget I sold a couple things and saved some dollars -- with my budget of $791, I found an excellent used Novara Randonee on Craigslist and paid $600.  With my $191 left I just this week looked for a pair of racks for the bike and was quite surprised to find out what they cost.  I don't know why but in my subconscious mind I think I was expecting to pay about another hundred for the racks.

I looked on the Cyclosource store first and then tried to google some other less expensive alternatives but didn't really know what I was looking at.  How much quality do I need?  Do I need to budget more? About my trip - I am planning to join the TransAmerica travelers next summer.  I have already acquired some Ortlieb bags this past summer so if there are any suggestions for racks for carrying them across country on my "new to me" Randonee I would appreciate your suggestions or thoughts?

Thanks, Keith

Connecting ACA Routes / TransAmerica and Cincinnati
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:43:08 pm »
I'm planning to leave from Oregon coast on the TA in May.  I would also like to pass through Southwest Ohio to see my Grandparents birthplace as I've never been there.  Does anyone have a suggestion to get there staying for the most part on the ACA routes

I could move NE from Cave-in-Rock and after my visit in Ohio continue north to the Northern Tier or somehow return back to TA. I also see on the big map I could continue north from Montana on the N. Tier but probably not, I think I'm looking forward to going through Colorado.  Where I end up on the East Coast doesn't matter too much.  I have very little East Coast experience except for Virgina so I don't mind going North and missing VA.

Thanks for any ideas!

Routes / Has anyone ridden CA hwy 70 aka the Feather River hwy
« on: August 19, 2015, 02:46:44 am »
I was considering lake Oroville to lake Almanor and from there on up 89 to ride through Lassen National Park.   I,ve been through Lassen by car several times but I have never ever been on the hwy 70 section. On the map it looks like it follows the Feather river all the way up the mountain.  I've got a few days for a short trip in Sept?

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Routes / Dipping spot for starting TA in Florence, OR
« on: August 06, 2015, 12:29:54 am »
I'm on the Oregon coast with my wife for vacation and while going through Florence today I thought I'd scout out the starting spot for my 2016 planned ride on the TA. With all the sand dunes in this area I didn't find an easy spot to ride from the ocean unless I just start from the parking lot at the jetty.  Any suggestions?

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General Discussion / Buying Used Question
« on: July 24, 2015, 03:30:19 pm »
Background: I took my trek fx 7.5 in to get a gearing upgrade the suggestion from a local expert re taking it cross country is in addition to new gearing is to replace wheels, (24) spokes, replace fork with a steel fork from trek 7.3, add bar ends. He said by the time you have done the up grads you have payed 1/3 the cost of a new touring bike - or 1/2 to full price of buying a used bike.

I started reading Craig's List last night and see two bikes in my size. A Fuji touring for 400. And a Cannondale T800 for 300.  I'm not going to offer to buy either because I need to learn some things first and I'm not in a rush.
So my buying used question: 1 how do I determine they are not a stollen bikes and 2. How do you determine the condition since I'm not mechanically inclined?

Any suggestions for thinking through this?

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Gear Talk / Gearing for Touring Bike Followup
« on: July 15, 2015, 11:08:12 pm »
Ok, I'm confused and have been for the past month of being introduced to the touring side of bicycling.  I'm guessing that the longtime tourers understand the reasons but I still don't understand.

In reading the articles, blogs, discussion groups it seems there is a consensus for most people in what are a good gearing ratios for touring bikes.  -- small chain ring at 24 or 22 and --largest cassette at 34-36.

But in my reading and learning about touring bike being sold, i.e. LHT, 520, Kona, Randonee, Fuji, and so on, (I did not look at high end or custom bikes) I have not seen one bike that comes with such gearing as standard. 

My question is --what is the reasoning behind the difference between what people seem to be using and what bike manufacturers are offering.  If seems like it would be a big selling point to offer tour ready bikes?? 

Cheers, Keith


I am really interested if anyone has already done the math or who just has a good understanding of what the cost comparison might be between credit card and self contained.  But keep in mind my complication is needing new equipment to do the self contained style tour.

I am interested in doing the TransAmerica Route in 2016.  Like many I suppose, I'm on a tight budget.  So I was planning to do the self-contained travel to reduce expenses.

But after spending the past month following the discussion groups and reading several journals/blogs I have learned that my current bicycle will not work for this option.  I will need to purchase  the basic touring bike (I looked at the REI Randonee bike for example) -- plus I need the front and back panniers and racks and tent, sleeping bad and sleeping pad, and some cooking equip.  I do not have any of these items.

I thought the other option of credit card touring would be much more expensive -- except that I have everything I need to leave tomorrow if I go credit card style.  I have a Trek FX 7.5 with 48/36/26 and 11/26 gearing - I think that should get me by ok. I have a Selle Anatomica leather seat and new Vittoria Randonneur Tires.  I have a rear rack and small panniers large enough for 20 lbs.

I'm not sure how to figure out the budget but seems like the cost of the new setup will pay for the motels and diners to do the trip.  But then what if I enjoy it so much I want to continue then I will definitely wish I had a nice steel touring bike....

BTW, my touring experience is limited. I have done 2 short trips credit card style, one 3 days and the other 5 days.

Thanks for any thoughts or questions that will help me think this through with more clarity. 

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