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Routes / Re: Oregon coast to Missouli routes
« on: November 18, 2023, 02:40:36 pm »
Re routes: I have been on both routes, although I rode from Florence to Missoula on my bicycle and the L&C route by car so it’s not a completely fair comparison, but from what I observed, the TransAm route over the Cascades is the route I would suggest of the two if I had to choose.

I have cycled parts of the Columbia River Gorge. It is a nice ride.

Re the month of May: Please check for recommendations about the timing. I started my ride on Memorial Day and had a good bit of snow going over the pass. Depending on the weather this next winter and spring you may not be able to go over the McKenzie pass earlier in May.

rootchopper wrote the following
You can bypass Pittsburgh by heading west from West Newton PA to Wheeling WV and pick up the Chicago route there.

Does anyone have any more detail on taking this approach to getting from Wheeling, WV to West Newton and the C&O?


I know I am reading an old post, thought I'd comment anyway.
From Wheeling to the GAP i believe the route I took was called the Panhandle trail.  Not giving advice because I am only trying to remember my route from 5 years ago.  I do remember putting up a tent in someones back yard for the night (with permission)
along that trail.

I rode the TransAmerica W-E and cut across to the Eastern Express in Colorado.  I did so because I had a desire to ride the Katy Trail and the GAP C&O more than I wanted to ride the official transAmerica but I missed riding the eastern half of the TransAmerica route which would have been nice. 

I loved the small town country roads and seeing "America" part of the ride and I loved the two major trails mentioned above. Both are very different kinds of experiences. 

I have not yet ridden any of the more norther routes you mentioned above, so I can't compare.  My only suggestion is that you stay on one or a combination of established paths for your first tour.  After that you should be well qualified to make your own routes.

Same need here.  I did a do it yourself version but I was quite pleased with the result. Since I just hung it in my office it was good enough and don't think anyone thought it looked tacky.  So, this is what I did.

I bought a framed map of the USA that I was happy with.  3ft by 2ft aprox.  I then opened all my ride with gps maps on the laptop and put the map on the kitchen table and as best I could I drew with a good pencil my route on the map.  Then my wife who is artsy used some kind of marker to go over my pencil route with a steady hand. 

And Bobs your uncle - it turned out nice, I hung it in the office surrounded by a handful of favorite pictures from the TransAm.

I rode from W/E departing from Florence the last weekend in May and the timing was about perfect. McKenzie pass was recently opened for cyclists and hikers but still closed to cars because of snow. Snow was still deep on the pass but I didn’t get snowed on during the ride.  The weather was good with only some spots of cold rain on some passes in Eastern OR and ID.

Gear Talk / Re: Quad Loc Phone Holder?
« on: March 06, 2022, 08:34:52 pm »
Different product, but has anyone tried the Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Mount? Any thoughts on this or the Quad Loc vs. the rokform would be appreciated.
I haven't compared, but I have been using the Rokform for about 8 years.  It is a "rok" solid system ;-) 
You do have to use the whole system though for it to work but their cases are excellent not to large but still very protective.  I have used the case on all my phones regardless of whether or not I am doing a tour and using the bike mount.

Gear Talk / Re: Chair
« on: March 06, 2022, 08:24:06 pm »
I have one too.  Unless it is raining it is the first thing I set up at each camp site. I enjoyed it. Often if I was close to a river or a scenic view I would carry it over to sit in in the evening while I relaxed or read.

General Discussion / Re: Transamerica help - May 2022 start
« on: March 06, 2022, 01:18:31 pm »
I rode the TA from Oregon to the middle of Kansas where I ran out of available riding time and stopped.  The following summer I finished my cross country ride and started in Denver and picked up the Eastern Express Route and rode to Washington D.C.  I don't have a direct comparison since I didn't finish on the eastern half of the TA but I am just commenting here that my favorite parts of the second half of the adventure for me were riding the Katy Trail and riding the GAP and the C&O trails.  I didn't run into very many other cycle tourist between St Louis and Pittsburg but there were many riders on the three trails and I made some good friends and rode with them on all three trail sections of the Eastern Express. 

General Discussion / Re: TransAm Stats?
« on: March 03, 2022, 01:42:16 pm »
I think that this is a very helpful post and concisely answers a fundamentally important question for many if not most planning their first cross country on the TA.  I found this E-W and W-E information out a few years back after many days of reading and searching.  It seems like an edited copy of this made into a sticky FAQ at the top of the list would be helpful to many first time readers on the forum.

The title would need to be changed as someone would not know the contents from the title.   
1. Jamawani's detailed reply is quite helpful. 
2. John's quick and simple May 10th and June 10th reply is a great starting point for a starting point
3. and the thoughts from Pete about how to process direction adds much to this response and   
should be edited into one post for all to see.

Whether or not stickies or FAQs are done on the forum let me just say you all are great and helpful forum members.  Well done! 

Routes / Re: Route ideas for touring in my 5 northern missing states
« on: January 20, 2022, 01:53:30 pm »
Someone mentioned Spearfish. Loved it there. Nicest municipal campground I have ever stayed in, despite the poor choice of bathhouse floor tile.

Bathhouse floor tile - did you take a picture? 

I appreciate this post and the previous posters helpful posts regarding this route 8)  Thanks

Routes / Re: Route ideas for touring in my 5 northern missing states
« on: January 19, 2022, 02:22:14 am »
If I were to only count states I have ridden in, or the even more difficult goal of having ridden across the state -- then that is an unobtainable goal for me. Its fun though to say I have visited all 50 states.  I can do that one and would like to.

Interesting story, I tried to visit 4 African countries in one day.  Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. It didn't happen as border posts and ferries and bad roads prevented it but we made 3 and my kids still remember it as a fun adventure trying to do it.

Routes / Re: Route ideas for touring in my 5 northern missing states
« on: January 18, 2022, 06:49:21 pm »
Thanks for the heads up re: Amtrak.
For this possible tour starting in Minot when do you think you would start?

Routes / Re: Route ideas for touring in my 5 northern missing states
« on: January 18, 2022, 05:28:00 pm »
Do you do dirt?
Do you prefer busier roads with services or quiet back roads?
How much time do you have for this - - and when.
January is rather chilly, but Juy can be blistering hot in the Dakotas.
I Used to hate dirt but my newest bike's tires handle dirt fine
I'm limiting myself to plus or minus 4 weeks
Perhaps Cinco de Mayo would be a good start date

I prefer quiet back roads with lots of services

Routes / Re: Route ideas for touring in my 5 northern missing states
« on: January 18, 2022, 03:53:09 pm »
In the past couple years, I have thought from time to time that the idea of a route encompassing these 5 remaining states on my list would be a good idea, but this is the first time I have done so in front of the computer and maps - looking to see if it is possible or wise etc. Thanks for the ideas.  I just spent the last couple hours trying to the 2 suggested routes above.

Here are my first takes after 2 hours mapping. 
Starting my trip from my son's house in Washington is a better idea if I board the Amtrak there.  I quickly realized don't have enough time to do another cross country at this time.  But Amtrak from Washington to ND looks good.  John why did you suggest Minot - Just curious?  It looks like bikes are allowed to board at both in Minot and Williston.

Second thought I'd probably be happy to take the Ferry and ride to Sleeping Bear Dunes and end the ride there. I can and leave the extra sight seeing in Salt St. Marie to another trip.  My wife and I are planning to vacation in the Upper Peninsula the summer after she retires anyway.

I do enjoy the bike paths and rail trails.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Kathy trail, the GAP and the C&O, as well as one I am forgetting the name of out of Cincinnati.

Last, is Mount Rushmore worth a detour to see on bicycle?

Routes / Re: Route ideas for touring in my 5 northern missing states
« on: January 18, 2022, 12:56:22 pm »
For my purposes I am talking about having visited even briefly.  For example years ago I was driving across Arkansas from Jonesboro to Fayetteville. When I reached Fort Smith I detoured West into Ok and over to hwy 59, I turned north and had lunch in Stilwell then continued north back into Arkansas to Fayetteville.  That was probably only 2 hours, but I do count it.

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