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when re-reading my question while posting I thought of some of what you said.  First do I want to continue touring for years or is this just my bucket list trip and I will stick with local riding  after this.  I wasn't able to answer the question.  I loved my short tours and I love riding, which I do regularly, but until I do a longer tour I just don't know.  I wish I could just afford to buy the touring bicycle and gear and not worry about it but truly I need to be careful with funds.

Regarding my tastes and how fast I'll travel, I'm probably an average rider I think 50-60 miles a day is my style, not more.  For food and housing, I always try to get the least expensive food and housing when I'm not traveling with my wife, and she isn't planning on the bike tour. 

This may not be a question someone can help me answer as its a personal choice thing, but at least writing it out has helped me to clarify my thoughts a bit.


I am really interested if anyone has already done the math or who just has a good understanding of what the cost comparison might be between credit card and self contained.  But keep in mind my complication is needing new equipment to do the self contained style tour.

I am interested in doing the TransAmerica Route in 2016.  Like many I suppose, I'm on a tight budget.  So I was planning to do the self-contained travel to reduce expenses.

But after spending the past month following the discussion groups and reading several journals/blogs I have learned that my current bicycle will not work for this option.  I will need to purchase  the basic touring bike (I looked at the REI Randonee bike for example) -- plus I need the front and back panniers and racks and tent, sleeping bad and sleeping pad, and some cooking equip.  I do not have any of these items.

I thought the other option of credit card touring would be much more expensive -- except that I have everything I need to leave tomorrow if I go credit card style.  I have a Trek FX 7.5 with 48/36/26 and 11/26 gearing - I think that should get me by ok. I have a Selle Anatomica leather seat and new Vittoria Randonneur Tires.  I have a rear rack and small panniers large enough for 20 lbs.

I'm not sure how to figure out the budget but seems like the cost of the new setup will pay for the motels and diners to do the trip.  But then what if I enjoy it so much I want to continue then I will definitely wish I had a nice steel touring bike....

BTW, my touring experience is limited. I have done 2 short trips credit card style, one 3 days and the other 5 days.

Thanks for any thoughts or questions that will help me think this through with more clarity. 

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