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I did. I also saw a news article about huge numbers of RVers out this year. I guess they have nothing better to do during this pandemic so they are heading out. I can’t say I blame them. It’s probably a fairly safe activity For retired folks to travel self contained and all.

So today I am leaning on the side of not going north.   :'(

California / Re: bike on Amtrak - California Zephyr
« on: July 27, 2020, 02:02:04 pm »
Thanks for your message.  I'd also been anxious about how to carry all my stuff, and your duffel bag idea is perfect. I'll see if I can score a free one on Craigslist.

I bought mine at Walmart for $16?? its been a couple years now - but free is better

California / Re: bike on Amtrak - California Zephyr
« on: July 27, 2020, 01:52:53 pm »
I have experience bringing a touring bike on the California Zephyr, but not with oversize tires.  I can only echo the station attendant, and say, it sounds unlikely but I wouldn't like to say it will be fine...   With mine, I took all my bags off the bike and carried them on the train in an extra large duffle bag.  Then handed off my bike to the attendant to put in the baggage car.   When I arrived at my destination I put my bags back on the bike and asked the attendant if he could use the duffle bag and I left it with him.

yes, I realize the rental car thing is not a huge problem. I was just enjoying the conversation regarding getting there.
The biggest concern for me is keeping safe as I can reasonably, and not being stuck without a place to camp the whole way down.

Regarding getting sick, I did ask my doctors opinion and he said go for it.  My wife is director of public health nursing in our county and we have discussed it quite a bit.  She is very cautious about what we all do as she is working all day, every day, with people who are sick often because they didn't strictly follow the public health guidelines.

I'm hope I don't sound like I'm  trying to convince you I should go that wasn't my reason for posting but here is my answer to your question about getting sick in Bandon.

It wouldn't be a disastrous problem getting home if I were to get sick.    My wife is a day's drive by car to anywhere I will be on my trip except for the most northern part of Oregon coast on first few days from Astoria but my son lives in Southern Washington.  So he would be a few hours drive of me in my first week of travel. He says "go, being outdoors is the safest place you can be." Also I have a daughter in N. Calif who has a car with a bike rack.  So I feel like the pacific coast is much better for a short tour for me, compared to heading across the country somewhere.

A rental drop off in Astoria would be cool rather than riding from downtown Portland to Astoria.

The worst may be getting to and from the end points of your tour. 

Yeah, that's my other question I guess.  I haven't looked into how safe traveling is by Amtrak.  I live 60miles from the Sacramento Station. The train to Portland leaves at midnight, so can overnight with my bike to Portland.  But don't want to sleep next to someone on the train all night - even with a mask on.

I have the time to take a tour of the Pacific Coast, rather than do it all I was considering Portland to SF. I talked to my doctor who is a recreational cyclist just to ask for his 2 cents opinion if I should do a pacific coast bike tour.  He said it is a great idea.  Probably the safest things to do during covid.  I can do all or just the Oregon coast or?  --- but if campgrounds and restaurants are going to be closed or if our culture is simply disapproving of such things then maybe not???  I read here y'day that the Oregon hiker/biker sites are not open/

I remember reading some discussion here back in March and it seemed the general consensus was to skip it this year but now that the opportunity is here  I am finding it tempting.    What do you guys think. (please be nice  8) )

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: GPS query
« on: July 10, 2020, 01:22:35 am »

The pros:  Garmin is the de facto GPS so a lot of gps data is geared toward their file format.

I think Garmin is the standard still but I just read a post on my Facebook Cycling Group about 30 mins ago and the question is do you use a Garmin or a Wahoo and about 2/3 of the respondents wrote they use the Wahoo and most commonly was the Wahoo Bolt.   I think it is quickly (over the past 5 years) becoming a new favorite. I used mine traveling cross country and tried to charge it every day there was power but could go two days in a pinch.  The Wahoo software is noted to be much less buggy and it just works.  Also, mine is b&w screen and uses less battery than the color screen Garmins do. 

Last if you enjoy research check out
The link you provided is for the new Garmin wrist watch versions which we haven't really commented on.  Most (not all)of the discussions have been on the bike specific computers.

Classifieds / Re: Novara Randonee and Bob trailer
« on: June 08, 2020, 05:39:37 pm »
How old is the Randonee and how much is it used?

These are the guys I generally ignore.
First post - nothing in the profile.
No info offered in the post, either.
Kinda like a "drive-by" posting.
When I read this I realized I had never looked at my profile.  So, I updated mine with age and location.  I don't have a web site or anything else to add.  I did try about 10 times to add a profile picture.  All were fail, but no instructions. Chose a stock pic but its not mine.  Sorry I guess I'm just adding to the off topic but it made me realize why so few of us have a pic, it was not possible to figure out how to add a profile pic correctly.

I am planning Pacific Coast Trip end of August and September. So maybe the timing will work. But even though I am very carefully trying to avoid the virus, I’m sure I’ll be more comfortable touring if I have had and recovered from the virus and thus have immunity during my tour. I wouldn’t like to be out in the the unknown and in my tent while sick.

I realize we never want to be sick or injured on a tour, but thinking this is a bit different.

Gear Talk / Re: Gear in two panniers?
« on: February 18, 2020, 08:28:09 pm »
I'm having a very similar setup to you so can't help with your question but thought I'd add, I'm also interested in the results of this survey. :-)

General Discussion / Re: First timer questions
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:03:03 am »
Looks like I'm the first to reply so a few opening comments are in order. 
Yes, keep reading all you can. For me it took weeks of reading before I started to feel like I had a good idea of what I was getting into.  In addition to reading interesting threads to past forums discussions here you can read journals of people who have ridden the routes you might be taking.  Try

Regarding routes the will give you a researched route to travel west from Ohio and connect with the Trans America Route which continues to the west coast.  I think you will find it is much easier for first timers to follow established routes, and also much easier to to travel alone if you are not in good condition. 
There are many discussions about raccoons and bears, and safe camping, and bicycle gearing and equipment for bicycle travel, weather conditions for safe months of travel for each route, riding yourself into shape, how many miles to expect to travel each day and on and on... so again - yes, keep reading the forums.

The red flag comment for me when reading your first post question was when you said crossing up and down on your way to the west coast.  You only have so much time to get across the mountains, and I think you will find early and late snow storms much more likely to cause concern than lions, tigers and bears and that choosing a route direction and sticking to it for the most part will be important.

Congratulations on your new adventure.

No, not too crazy, only a bit  ;D

Enjoyed it, most fun part of the video was your walk through the flooded towpath 😎

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