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General Discussion / How to work on your bike?
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:59:32 pm »
I'm hopefully starting on my adventure (self-supported, NJ to Anacortes) in 2 1/2 weeks.  To try out all my camping gear, etc. after the long winter, I did a moderate ride to a state park, camped overnight, and returned home the next day.  I'd had some problems with my front derailleur and was trying to adjust it in the campground.  Balancing the top tube on the corner of a picnic bench kind of worked.  Any suggestions of how to elevate your bike to work on it when on a self-supported ride?  I was thinking about how I could hang it from a tree branch using the nylon cord from my "bear bag". 

Gear Talk / Recommendations for thermometers?
« on: March 21, 2017, 08:27:54 pm »
I like to carry a thermometer when backpacking.  I've been using a AcuRite Suction Cup Thermometer - I just take the suction cup off it.  The first one worked well, the replacement was not so good - erratic temperature readings.  What I like about it is: 

1) small and lightweight
2) inexpensive - about $10 on Amazon
3) Gives daily minimum and maximum temps
4) Relatively large, easy-to-read, digital display.

But first and foremost, it's nice if a thermometer gives reasonably accurate temperatures! Within a couple a degrees would be fine.

I'd like a thermometer for an upcoming ride and am interested in recommendations.

General Discussion / Cell phone service on Lake Erie connector
« on: March 14, 2017, 01:02:45 pm »
The discussion about cell phone service on the Northern Tier prompted this query, but I didn't want to divert that thread.  GGWBikeMT mentioned a $2/day charge by Verizon when using their service in Canada.  I'll be riding from Niagara Falls to Sombra Ontario in June.  I expect the cell phone service to be reasonable there.  Should I expect the $2/day charge?  Do you get notified by Verizon the first time you try to use the service in Canada?  Will there be any problem using a Samsung android phone?   Last year I had problems using it in the Caribbean.

Gear Talk / Keen sandals for 2 month crosscountry trip
« on: March 06, 2017, 12:26:28 pm »
I found a discussion about sandals from two years ago.  I was going to send a private message to one of the responders, dkoloko, but thought it might be better to get more input.

 I am planning to do a mostly-Northern-Tier ride in June and July this year.  In all my previous multi-day trips, I've been using Pearl Izumi SPD shoes.  They work fine as long as they stay dry.  I've got shoe covers to use if necessary, but I use them more for warmth on winter rides.  The longest I've used my Keen sandals is for 30 miles and not for multi-day trips.  I have Crocs to use at the end of the day in the campground.  I don't want to bring both the sandals and shoes.  I know the obvious answer for me is to try the Keen on long, mulit-day trips.  I just wanted to get others opinions on sandals only for a 2-month trip.

dkoloko, are you still there?

General Discussion / Application for keeping a journal
« on: February 20, 2017, 03:50:47 pm »
I'm planning a ride from NJ to Anacortes this summer.  I have most of my questions answered, much thanks to this forum!  Now I have more trivial issues.  My question is "What application do you recommend for keeping a journal when on a longish bike ride?".   CrazyGuyOnABike?  I'm only bringing an Android phone. 

I've been section-hiking the AT and just use a NotePad on my phone to keep a journal.  Since I'll be gone for 2 months, I wanted to use something my friends could access.  I've never used FaceBook - it seems to be too much of a "time sucker" - but do others use it for creating a trip journal?

Routes / How to get home. Anacortes to NJ
« on: February 13, 2017, 03:25:06 pm »
I hope to be doing a "mostly Northern Tier" ride from NJ to Anacortes this summer.  I should be finishing in the first week in August.  From Anacortes, I was planning to ride south to Deception Pass - it seem like a good place to "end".  My question is, from there, what's a good way to get back to NJ?  Bicycling is not an option!  Do I ride down to Bremerton, take the ferry to Seattle, and fly back from there?  I should I backtrack and pedal up to Bellingham and fly from there?  I plan to ship my bicycle back by BikeFlights.  I'm thinking that cycling around Seattle may be congested.  But going out of Bellingham adds an extra leg to my flight.

I'm planning a east-to-west trip for June to July (maybe into August) of this year.  I'll mostly be following the Northern Tier Route. I'll connect to it via the Erie Canal bike route and the NY State bike route paralleling the Hudson River. 

My question is, how to get from Sandy Hook NJ to Bear Mountain NY without getting killed.  I live in Florham Park.  Day 1, I plan to ride from Sandy Hook to Florham Park.  Day 2, the trip starts "for real" and I'd like to make it to Bear Mountain. 

Anyone familiar with the area knows how congested it is.  Any direct route from Sandy Hook to Morris County and Bear Mountain would be insane.  I'm thinking of heading west from Sandy Hook, maybe out to Manville, before heading north. From Florham Park, I'll use local roads north to Montville before picking up 202.  Thoughts?

Routes / Deception Pass State Park, Washington
« on: January 10, 2017, 06:08:24 pm »
I'm looking at places to end my ride and found Deception Pass State Park and Cranberry Lake Campground.  It looks like a nice site except Google Maps shows a 23.7% grade when crossing the bridge southbound  onto Whidby Island.  Can this be true?  23.7?  We have some steep hills in NJ but I don't think I've ever ridden up anything that steep. 14.5% is the steepest I recall doing and I had to walk part of it one time.

Routes / Place to finish WB Northern Tier ride
« on: January 09, 2017, 10:38:14 am »
I plan to ride westbound, NJ to Anacortes, mostly using Northern Tier route in June/July of this year.  Northern Tier Route map #1 starts/ends at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.   This doesn't seem like a very picturesque place to be finishing.  Any thoughts on places nearby?  Looking at Google Maps, Rosario Beach and Deception Pass State Park are not far away. 

Routes / New York State Bike Route 5 versus Erie Canalway Trail
« on: December 04, 2016, 09:00:27 pm »
I'm planning a trip for next summer, part of which includes bicycling from Albany NY to Niagara Falls.  For the stretch form Albany to Syracuse, NY State Bike Route 5 more-or-less parallels the Erie Canalway Trail.  Is someone familiar with these routes?  Recommendations?   I'm planning to cover 60 miles per day.  I'll have camping gear but would prefer staying in a motel.

Gear Talk / Recommendation for front light?
« on: November 27, 2016, 05:55:32 pm »
I have a Planet Bike Blaze 140 light which is okay - more for being seen than for me to see the road.  But it is blocked by my handlebar bag.  If I move the light  out to the side on the handlebar, it takes up space I'd rather have for my hands.  Thoughts?  Attach it to the helmet?

General Discussion / Converting Elevation Gain, Grade to Mileage
« on: July 30, 2016, 03:49:44 pm »
I'm planning a cross country ride next year and plan to ride about 60 miles per day.  When planning routes, is there a way to convert elevation gain into an equivalent distance travelled on level terrain?  And is there a way to factor in the grade of the hills encountered?  When planning hikes, I often add 1 mile per 1000 feet of elevation climbed, ignoring the downhills, to estimate how far I can walk in a given amount of time. 

I'm not sure where this question belongs.  It's kind of about Gear, but not really.  It kind of about Routes...

I training for a cross-country ride next summer.  NJ to Niagara Falls, across southern Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and pick up Northern Tier.

I have a Surly Disk Trucker with 48-36-26 chainring and 11-36 cassette. 

What kind of grades can I expect on my route?

I had a rude awakening doing a two-day ride in northern NJ last week.  With 50 pounds of gear, food and water,  I had a tough time handling the two 13 to 14% grade climbs I encountered.   I know I need to lose some weight (gear and me both!) and I know I'll get stronger with time, but I'm thinking I better start doing a lot more training on serious hills with full weight.


Connecting ACA Routes / NYC to Ohio and beyond
« on: January 15, 2016, 11:22:56 pm »
Last year, I was following the blog of a fellow who was riding from NYC westward.  I think he made it as far as North Dakota before he ran out of time.  He was riding with his wife and daughter.

I'm in the planning stages of a ride that initially will follow much of the route of this other bicyclist.  Unfortunately, I lost the link to his blog.  Can someone provide me with a link? 

I'm starting in NJ and hope to connect to the Northern Tier in PA/OH, head west and connect to the Route 66 map.  But first, I need to get across northern NJ and PA.  I don't really care to head north to Albany first.

General Discussion / Bicycle tools for a cross country ride
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:15:35 am »
A buddy of mine is interested in doing a cross country ride next year.  I'm trying to get my legs (and butt) in shape this year.  I've been using this website to learn about what to expect and how to prepare.

I've collected "what to pack" lists from various sites on the Internet.  Some people have extensive repair kits and back-up supplies.  My question is "What are the essential repairs I should need to know how to do and have appropriate tools to perform?".    I don't have a "cassette/freewheel removal tool".   In forty years of "riding for fun" I've never needed a cassette removal tool.  Should I buy one?  If so, I should probably take a class to learn how to use one.  How about a "chain tool" and spare links?   I know how to repair and replace inner tubes and I can adjust brakes and derailleur cables, but what else should I know how to fix?  Once when I was young, I was given a spoke wrench and totally messed up a wheel because I didn't know what I was doing.  I should have just left the wheel alone.  I'm planning on staying on popular ACA routes and not doing any off-road excursions.

Thanks in advance
John R

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