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The first Tour Divide racers have already ridden it. Billy Rice called into MTBcast, reviewing the route favorably, but he didn't answer exactly the questions you are addressing, Mathieu: water availability, lodging, restaurants, groceries.

BTW, do you happen to know how I can get RidewithGPS to translate your cues into English? I copied your map into my Routes, but the cues are still in Dutch.

What's the water availability on the new route, compared to the old route? My concern about the old route is the long section with no water.

Does anyone have any info about Tour Divide's reroute to avoid the construction at (I think) the southern end of the Great Basin? I have no burning desire to ride that section, and everyone says Rawlins is a pit, but I also don't want long sections of technical singletrack because I'm not too good at it.

Routes / Re: Is the Lost Coast Alternate worth it ?
« on: June 01, 2015, 01:17:07 am »
Do it! It's fantastic. Best part of the coast.

The climb from Honeydew to Avenue of the Giants is routine, but long. That's not what's remarkable. Rather, the long, STEEP climb right out of Ferndale, and the second STEEP climb after you descend right down to the ocean again, are the killers. But so worth it. When you get to the beach, you have about ten miles right along the beach, practically in the sand, flat and typically with a big tailwind, with no cars and nobody but yourself.

AW Way Campground is perfectly fine.

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