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Routes / Re: Route suggestions for apr-may-june 2016
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:55:10 am »
I've had to change my dates and have decided (my final decision) to ride the transam from washington to Pueblo , then take the western express with a diversion onto the grand canyon connector to take in the north rim and then zion and bryce. I'll be leaving washington in about the 3rd week of August , it'll be steamy but I plan to be up and away at dawn and get the miles in before it gets too hot. I've checked the weather patterns for the last stage of the ride through the Sierra Nevada  and it seems to be ok into late October.
I bought the book by Steph Kirz on the transam which is useful but obviously my daily mileage will not be the same. At the moment I'm checking campsite prices , most seem to be about $10 for hiker/biker sites  but  some  are  as high as $26 (I won't be using those!)
Like you I like the sense of achievement a coast to coast ride gives and I hope that  will increase my motivation on those inevitably bleak , windy , boring days.
My problem with the tour of the western natural wonders was the big stretches of desert , pine forests and the 'seen one seen 'em all' attitude that can creep in. In Norway I became too blase about the natural wonders.
As for daily mileage I'll probably average 50. I rode Cape ST Vincent in Portugal to N. Cape in Norway last year (4,500 mls) in 10 weeks and my average was about 62mls  a day. It was too much  .  If you haven't done a big tour before don't forget that head winds , rest days , illness can easily pull your average down  and  then  there is shopping , washing  . . .. In hilly areas I average about 8mph , on the flat about 12mph . In Norway I rode into head winds for two weeks.
Have a look at 3 wheeled adventure on youtube.

best wishes from Preston  Lancashire.

Routes / Re: which route in usa
« on: September 30, 2015, 04:14:24 pm »
We never remember our defeats and repeatedly celebrate our victories to help us disguise our pathetic present. We don't discriminate either , I think the only people we've never gone to war with are the Portuguese. Your advice on getting onto the transam is much appreciated . I've decided to do the transam, probably starting in late April/ early May 2016.
Many thanks to everyone  for their advice .

General Discussion / Re: camping sites in the Western USA
« on: September 30, 2015, 04:06:53 pm »
Many thanks for all your help. I've decided to do the transam. A coast to coast ride has a geographic imperative and it will let me see a good cross section of American life.
Best wishes to all my correspondents.

General Discussion / Re: camping sites in the Western USA
« on: September 29, 2015, 12:55:51 pm »
Thanks , Do the ACA maps identify suitable camping spots along all the routes ? As I get older I find the uncertainty of looking for camping spots late in the day a real pain and am keen to avoid this.  Its difficult to get hold of samples of the maps in the uk to get an idea of their detail.

Routes / Re: which route in usa
« on: September 29, 2015, 12:51:32 pm »
Thanks, I've had several posts about the problems of weather at altitude in the west in April and May. I agree with you that  early May/ late April is the earliest possible start in the east. I'd heard that leaving much later would mean high temperatures on the plains. Weather is unpredictable, I got stuck by snow in southern Norway in June.
Is there a  way of reaching Yorktown from a major airport such as Washington ? I'll only have a 90 day visa which will not allow time to ride to the start of the route. Is there a rail service available ?

General Discussion / Re: camping sites in the Western USA
« on: September 29, 2015, 04:07:27 am »
Thanks for your replies.  Camping with permission is fine , but if I use town parks what toilet facilities are there ? I can go without showering for a week but what about 'early morning motions' ? Are there toilets ? Am I correct in  assuming security isn't a problem when camping in parks?

Routes / Re: which route in usa
« on: September 28, 2015, 02:29:22 pm »
Thanks for your comments.  My reasons for considering the transam were precisely those you mention , seeing the 'whole 'of America and meeting a whole range of 'ordinary' Americans ,especially as I'd read and heard from my son how welcoming Americans are.
Would you recommend using the ACA route maps for the transam ?  I'd read that the best time to start was in early May and riding east to west. Would you agree with this ? I was glad to hear that the trip can be done cheaply , teacher's pensions are not that good  in the UK.


General Discussion / camping sites in the Western USA
« on: September 28, 2015, 04:04:54 am »
I live in the UK , I'm planning a trip to the west of the USA and am having some problems finding camping sites . I've explored the web but without much success.
I don't mind a bit of wild camping as long as it is secure but as I get older (60 now)  I prefer camp sites.
Can anyone suggest web sites which have location maps , facilities and prices ?
I am also confused by the rules surrounding wild camping in different areas such as forest land , state parks and BML land.
I've wild camped a lot over the years , all through Europe but I do like to follow the rules.

Many thanks.

Routes / Re: which route in usa
« on: September 28, 2015, 03:54:45 am »
Thank you for all your advice. I've been in Scotland for the last 3 weeks ( being eaten by midges) so I could not reply earlier. The advice on weather conditions in the mountains has supported what I had heard and read else where. Whilst June /July would be ideal for the higher areas it may be too hot for the southern areas around the Grand Canyon.
I'm currently researching camping sites , as I get older (I'm 60) I am becoming less enchanted by wild camping  but I'm going to post a separate question on this.
Thanks again.

Routes / which route in usa
« on: September 08, 2015, 02:56:41 pm »
I live in the uk and am torn between two routes :
1)The transamerica  with a turn off at Pueblo heading for San Francisco. My big objection is the middle bit which appears to be 1200 miles of pretty flat , straight roads. I spent a day riding across Lincolnshire  on straight roads , it bored me to death.
Does anyone have experience of the middle section ? I know its personal opinion but was it really dull ?
2) Starting at Sacramento , down the Pacific coast to San Diago , up to the Grand canyon , Zion , Bryce , Monument valley , Moab , SLC , east across the divide , up to Yellowsone , across to Portland , down the coast and back to Sacramento. I was going to start in late March / early April .  Is this too early?
Can you advise on which would be the best route ? This will probably be my only trip to the USA.

Thanks Preston UK

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