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Looking for touring rides appropriate for 4-7 days (perhaps a bit longer but less than two weeks.  My riding partner is not a camping type of person so camping  is out,  which I realize will  limit options.   We enjoyed the our Natchez Trace ride but since we did it in the winter,  we had to push hard most afternoons to make it to our lodging before dark. 

Work obligations make it difficult to get away for more than two weeks at a time for a few more years but we'd like to log more touring miles with what time we can make available. 

Your experiences and ideas are appreciated.  Thanks!

My riding partner and I want to do the TA in the future but I would like to do a ride from the Washington DC are to N. Alabama.  It's 700 miles driving between DC and Alabama.  I'm looking for ideas on building a route that can be cycled.  Any tips beyond using an atlas, Google Maps / Earth?   

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