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Routes / Grand Canyon & Death Valley
« on: July 15, 2009, 04:49:09 pm »
I will be rolling out of Ushuaia in November and spending the next 18 spinning my way up to Prudhoe Bay. I have recently been planning my route through the USA and was wondering whether anyone could give me some opinions or advice on plotting a course from the Eastern edge of the grand Canyon over to Las Vegas, up through Death Valley and into Yosemite?

I know there are cycling restrictions in Grand Canyon National Park that make a direct route difficult.
Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the availability of water along this section of route (Death Valley being an obvious concern).

My complete US route will be taking me from Tecate, up to the Grand Canyon, across through Las Vegas, Death Valley, up through Yosemite, over to San Francisco and then up the Pacific coast all the way to Canada. This will involve sections of the Southern Tier, Grand Canyon Connector, Sierra Cascades and Pacific Coast Adventure Cycling routes.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Basic GPS
« on: July 08, 2009, 03:45:34 pm »
Thanks for the link Fred. I've been wrestling with this for far too long. Be sure to let you know what i decide on.

I got turned onto this by Dave Whiddon and Kelly Jordan ( and became very excited about what on paper looks like the perfect device for me. I'll be cycling up the Americas from Ushuaia in November and figured the SPOT Messenger ( would be perfect; I have rejected using all GPS systems on grounds of expense and figured that a device that allows me and family to track my route could only be sent from heaven. However, 90% of reviews have only had bad things to say about this product and company.


As an aside, can anyone please tell me straight up if there is a cheap, reliable, battery friendly GPS unit out there that simply gives coordinates in addition to the basic info you get from standard bike computers? I am a relative Luddite and a lover of maps who simply wants an emergency backup and accurate coordinates for progress logging.

I think my mind has been made up for me. An old friend/arch enemy has returned... patella tendinopathy... i won't be able to train for probably 2-3 months and will probably put my trip back 4 or 5 months and do it the other way. Setting out from Tierra Del Puergo and travelling north brings a whole world of wind issues... headwind + panniers = a world of pain (even if it is good pain)!!! Bring on the BOB...

With a mountaineering background that has taught me the invaluable benefit of carrying as little weight as possible its a hard decision to add extra equipment. However, the same experience has taught me that this has to be balanced against the essential benefits of the correct equipment. As there is no 'correct equipment' in this case the objective approach would be stick with panniers... shame life's not that simple!!!

Thanks guys. This is really useful stuff. It sounds as if there is more support in the trailer camp than i expected.
I like the idea of a trailer, i've just got to persuade myself it's worth adding to the equipment list!

Let the research continue....

Gear Talk / Trailers Vs. Panniers - Prudhoe Bay to Tierra Del Puergo
« on: April 05, 2009, 05:33:06 am »
I'll be setting off on a 15 month trip from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in July. I'd always figured i'd be using just panniers, now i'm thinking of using a trailer. Does anyone have any advice on the pros and cons of the two options for this route? I'm still leaning away from a trailer (more to go wrong).

In July i shall be setting off from Prudhoe Bay on a planned 15 month trip down to Tierra Del Fuego.
I'm struggling to ascertain which GPS unit will suit me best. I'll want solar recharging (through separate unit if necessary) the ability to upload a huge range of maps and the capability for my family in London to track my progress. It's proving a headache ... any one done the route and got any advice?

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