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I'm taking a look at the route more in details, and I find a major hurdle approaching Zion.
To avoid I-15 (no services and much traffic) I thought that going down on the US 89 (SLC-Provo-RIchfield-Panguitch) would be the best: more services, and forests to get some shade and shelter.
But I arrive east from Zion NP. It would be easy if I could ride the Mt. Carmel TUnnel, but it's closed to bikes, and apparently it's not easy to hitch-hike. I would not spend a whole day looking at RV and cars passing by...

Any suggestion to enter Zion? Googlemaps suggests the East Mesa Trail, but I guess it's a joke, it's not suitable for a loaded travel bike.

From Zion I plan to go south towards Grand Canyon North Rim: any hint for the best route?

Pete, thank you so much. I'm not indimidated, your message made me just much more eager to be there!

I was just looking at the maps: I think it would be interesting to go from SLC to Zion-Bryce-North Rim-Capitol Reef and end up in Moab. Stay in Moab to visit Canyonlands and Arches, hire a car to go back to Las Vegas and stop in Goosenecks, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and South Rim, if I have enough time.
That would also solve the problem of going back to LV ,and it might be cheaper than buses with bike transportation.
And  I could shunt the road from SLC to Moab.

Wow, I can't wait!

I forgot to ask for campgrounds issue: where is it possible to camp outside official campgrounds? Is it possible to ask people to camp in their garden or under their porch (in Europe you can try...).
I'm a bit afraid about encounters with the wildlife!

Well, time to get started!
I finally found a way to arrive in Bozeman and to leavre from Las VEgas.
That allows me to ride a 2200km/2 month trip from Bozeman thru Yellowstone-Grand Teton-Salt Lake City and the Utah-Arizona parks-GCNP-Las Vegas (by bus?).

2 problems:
1) Heat, even if I think I'll just ride in Zion, Brice, Grand Canyon, but not in the Monument Valley: do you think that on the high plateau temperature will be bearable in August?
2) The trip: until SLC, no problem. After SLC, I hesitate. As I cannot cross the Colorado in the GCNP, I could just stay on the north rim (coming down from SLC, thru Bryce and Zion), and from there going towards Capitol Reef and Moab. Or I could go from SLC to Moab (by bus?), stay in Moab some says to visit Arches and Canyonlands.
To see Gooseneck and Monument valley I think I'll hire a car in Moab.
Any suggestion to include the South rim? It would be easier from there to hike down to the Colorado and back, but it seems very demanding in terms of miles.

Every advise and hint about things to see or do is very welcome!

Thanks you very much John for helping make my ideas clearer about the trip:

Do you want to see the best scenery? YES!
Do you want to see what is uniquely American? Not a priority. I mean, non especially native American, but I'm eager to be in the USA and share for some time your beautiful country
Do you want to experience American people and culture? Yes, but i nthe sense that I would like to meet people all along my trip
Do you want to see the most famous places? Well, some
Do you want to meet other touring cyclists? YES. I wish I won't come alone, but I would appreciate to ride regularly with people met along my route.
Do you want a physically challenging route? NO!!! I like biking and I've often been on bike holidays but in Germany or France. It's not exactly the same as riding across the USA. Anyway I'll start cool, and I know that in a bout a week I'll grind more and more miles a day
Would you like a remote experience? I don't like car when I'm on my bike. I love being in te wilderness, but I don't like being noso to nose with a bear (anybody does?). Obviously the perfect track would be car-free, with extra views but regularly passing thru towns or services. I can manage some days of backcountry camping, but I don't want to be alone all the time.
Do you want other experiences, such as white-water rafting, climbing mountains, exploring cliff dwellings, hiking through the woods? Well, I would love to paddle on the Green or the Noth Payette... but I can't afford taking a kayak on my bike :D As for hiking, yes, in the parks, to explore some spots that cannot be reached by bike, or just for fun.
Do you need to avoid the heat, or do you love the heat? I don't like heat, I wouldn't go in the Death valley in the summertime. but I'll take what will come.

Thank you all for your precious advice. I'll think about mixing up Sierra Cascades and Pacific Coast or to restrain the tour around Yellowstone, Wyoming/Montana/Idaho using the ACA network.
I've already been in the Candaian Rockies to hike, from Banff to Jasper, that's why I was rather interested in discovering the USA Rockies.
If you have more suggestions, that helps me a lot :D

Well, thank you very much for this first reply. I hadn't figured that SC would be SO difficult. I was just about to  but the ACA guide to have a more precise idea of what I'll have to face.
I'll take note about your impressions about Yellowstone vs Yosemite: my only source of information is what I can read about it from Europe, it's difficult to have a picture of what you'll really see.
I'm still open to suggestions on other breathtaking trips, but always 6 weeks during the summer.


I'm Italian and lookng for a great bike trip in the USA in July and August 2016. I have about 6 weeks to ride and I would like to see some National Park and as much as country as possible. I don't go very fast, about 70 KM per day. My first choice is for the instant the Sierra Cascades, from Seattle to Yosemite (planning to go back to SF by train or coach: is it possible?). But I don't know if 6 weeks are enough knowing that I would like to spend some time in the different parks.
I also hesitate because my dream would be to see Yellowstone.
Can you suggest me a likely trip that includes Yellowstone and grand scenaries all around, and possibly not too difficult to manage with the intercontinental flights?
Thank you in advance and see you on the roads  ;)

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