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Gear Talk / Re: 2016 Cannondale Touring Bikes
« on: January 27, 2016, 08:24:07 pm »
Thank you for all the suggestions. I want to clarify my needs. I am a 62 year old road rider for the past 40+ years. I no longer wish to ride my road racing bike for many different reasons. I also own a 1984 Cannondale ST400 that has served me well for thousands of miles. The frame is now too tall for me to ride hence the need for a new bike. I want a bike that can be ridden in group rides at a moderate pace without being dropped. Since retiring in January 2016 my wife and I will ride as many Rail to Trails as possible (Katy, C&O /Gap, Erie Canal…), Solo rides I will do are the Natchez Trace with a left turn on the Southern Tier into Florida, Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway… Credit card touring to me means riding 8 hours a day then sleeping in a hotel with dinner being purchased. Only clothes and emergency gear will be carried on the bike. My road bike has 52/36 cranks with 11/28 so 50/34 - 11/32 -34 enables me to climb almost any incline I would encounter while carrying a light load. No bike is perfect for all conditions but I feel the Cannondale Touring will enable me to accomplish most of my goals. I apologize for not clarifying this in the beginning but this is my first post. Let me know if you feel any other bike would better suit my needs.
Wish list:
Aluminum frame
50/34 – 11/32 or 34
Rear Rack
40c tires max ( I have many other size tires)
One bike that can accomplish most of my goals
I currently own ST400, SuperSix, Epic and Rock Hopper Mtn bikes

Gear Talk / 2016 Cannondale Touring Bikes
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:34:03 pm »
Hi First time on this forum. Has anyone ridden or own a 2016 Cannondale touring 1 or ultimate. I am looking for a new credit card touring bike for road riding from 50 to 1000 miles. So far I am unable to find any owner reviews of these bikes. If you have ridden or you own one of these bikes I would love to hear what your riding experience has been. Thanks

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