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Hi Steve - I'd be happy to talk with you about potentially modifying the .gpx syntax to enable this feature. You can email me directly at

Jamie Robertson
Map Systems Architect

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: ACA gpx on Wahoo?
« on: August 23, 2019, 10:30:00 am »
Srauschenberg, That's correct. Once you've uploaded our track lines to RWGPS, you need to 'edit' the route, make sure that the generated route matches our gpx line that is visible on the map, save the route and then that exported/synced route will have the cues. This is something that we're hoping to provide out-of-the-box in the future, but we're not quite there yet. Good luck!

Thanks, John!

Due to rapidly a rapidly changing fire situation and heavy fire traffic on Highway 279, Highway 279 is closed to bicycle traffic from SR 200 to stemple pass road. see below:

Thanks, John! Here's a ridewithgps page for this alternate routing that John described:

and attached is a screenshot showing John's house which is just off of this alternate route a bit.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: ACA gpx on Wahoo?
« on: July 29, 2019, 11:58:54 am »
Hello - Sorry for the confusion with our data. I'll try to add some clarification here. All of the ACA .gpx data available for purchase are TRACK line elements. It is confusing, because a .gpx file can contain both ROUTE and TRACK elements, but we ship everything tagged as a track. A TRACK line is simply a series of hundreds of lat/long pairs that are strung together to form a detailed line that can be displayed on various devices and applications. Many users import our track data onto ridewithgps, edit it, generate cues, and then a .gpx file can be exported in a variety of formats including .gpx(track), .gpx(route), .fit, and .tcx. RWGPS provides good info about the format differences in the export dialogue and when each one might be the best choice.


Attached is a reroute around this bridge utilizing the Trans America Trail between Farmington, MO and Golconda, IL.

ACA Mobile Route Apps / Re: Coolbyke Location
« on: June 24, 2019, 11:23:43 am »
Thanks! We'll get this updated.

The Chester Bridge has been reopened as of 6/22. The detour is no longer necessary.

There is a detour on the bike path through Breckenridge due to construction. See attached image for details.

We have received additional rider feedback that the Erie Canal construction and maintenance extends a bit further on either side of the original post. Expect these conditions from Lockport, NY (Map 128) to Spencerport, NY (Map 130)

The Peace Bridge between the US and Canada has been closed to bikes during construction. We have heard reports of people having success getting a ride across the bridge in the back of a pickup truck. The alternative would be to utilize a bridge  just north of Niagara Falls.

closure notice:

There is maintenance and construction on the Erie Canal towpath trail between Albion and Sweden. The mud might make it impassable and it could potentially be closed if there is active work ongoing. SR 31 just to the south could be used as a detour.

Starting 6/17/19, there is a bridge replacement project that will impact the trans am route. It is expected to re-open in November 2020. There is a detour that will be in place and there are signs for USBR 76 on the detour.

VA DOT project site:

As of 6/2/19, the Chester Bridge (Illinois SR 150) has been closed to foot and vehicle traffic until further notice due to historic flooding. We'll post more information here as we have it and potential alternate routes. One potential alternate is to take our Great Rivers South route from Farmington, MO, cross the Mississippi in Cape Giradeau, and then rejoin the TransAm just north of Golconda. See attached pdf for alternate route.

News article:
IDOT closure list:

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