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Hwy 190 has re-opened. The police originally said weeks if not a couple of months, so I imagine this is subject to change.

I10 is still closed. Not a safe route for cyclists anyhow -- but this means MUCH heavier traffic in DeRidder/Merryville, LA and Newton TX on HWY 190.

i-10 at the LA/TX state line is now closed. Looks like the next best route would be over the Toledo Bend Dam (which just seems scary to me with all the water rushing through it) or further north towards Shreveport.

Hey All -- Mandy here. Thanks Jamie for you help!

The police are saying at minimum a couple of weeks but could take a couple of months. There's a strict curfew in Merryville. If you're on the streets at 6:01pm, you WILL go to jail. :(

A team of three stayed with me this weekend and, unfortunately, had to choose a UHaul to Houston and from there try to get back on the map. If there are any other routes known, please share. The DOT website for Louisiana can be seen here:

Currently, traffic is being diverted from hwy 190 to hwy 27 (in DeRidder, leading to DeQuincy). However, from hwy 27, I'm unsure how they are directing motorist back up towards Merryville since hwy 12 appears closed as well per the DOT website and the OP.

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