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Eel River Dr is closed for a culvert replacement between Loleta and 211. Humboldt County says the work is scheduled for August- November 2018. The work does appear to be largely complete, and we were able to easily ride across the construction site (no work crew members were present, however). Returning to 101 from Loleta requires a 1.5 mile backtrack, so you may want to ride 101 from the Tompkins Hill entrance to the 211 exit if you want to be sure that you won't need to follow the detour.

Tompkins Hill Rd is scheduled to be closed south of College of the Redwoods for a culvert replacement Oct 2-4. The Humboldt County notice states that the road will be closed between 7:30am and 4:30pm while work is underway.

As an alternate, you can ride on 101 to the Eel River Dr exit for Loleta. However, Eel River Dr also has a closure between Loleta and 211 (please see separate posting), so it may be better to just ride on 101 to the exit for 211.

Chuckanut Drive (also Washington Highway 11) is closed due to a rock slide between Bellingham and Bow. The latest information I have is that it will be closed at least through Sunday, Sept 16th, but Washington State DOT has not given an ETA for reopening - you should check the DOT website before proceeding.
On advice of local bike shop, we took an alternate route using Old Samish Rd and Colony Rd to rejoin the route at Bow. Specifically, we took Old Samish Rd to North Lake Samish Dr to East Lake Samish Dr to Nulle Rd/Old Highway 99 to Lake Samish Rd to Colony Rd to Ershig Rd to Bowhill Rd. This route added apx 5 miles of additional distance, and there is a climb, but it is well-graded. When we took this route, it had very low traffic and nice lake scenery.

Hibernia Rd is closed for bridge work. The signed detour adds about one mile to the route, along roads the route already uses.

Crum Elbow Rd is closed between 9G and Cream St. Traveling NB, we found taking Haviland Rd to Cream St was preferable to the signed detour, and saved a little bit of mileage relative to the route. Haviland Rd goes through a residential neighborhood.

Kansas Road is closed for bridge work (see Map A detail for Map 25). The signed detour puts you briefly on 611, which is a busy road with a shoulder. Going northbound, we found it easiest to take 611 over to where it re-joins the route at Oxford St rather than follow the detour back to the route.

Please note that this detour is very near the prior Keith Valley Rd detour, but is a different detour. I started a new thread because the thread on the Keith Valley Rd closure was incorrectly labelled as being a Philadelphia Spur detour, when it should have been labelled as a detour on the main route.

Red Bluff Road is closed between 905 and 90. The SCDOT signed detour is onto state road 22, a limited access divided highway with no shoulder that does not appear to be suitable for bicycles. We were going NB, and continued on 905 to State Rd 9 to rejoin the route at the intersection of 9 and 57. State Rd 9 has two lanes of travel in each direction and a small shoulder (with no rumble strip!), and was carrying moderate (but high speed) traffic when we rode it - about 4 miles of riding on State Rd 9 are required for this option. Please note that if you are traveling SB and want to use 9 for the detour, you will have to leave the route onto 9 before you see any signs for the Red Bluff Road detour.

The bridge on Cypress Campground Rd shortly before (NB) or after (SB) US 176 is closed. There is a 5 mile detour. The detour requires 2 additional miles on US 176, which was carrying very heavy truck traffic when we rode it.

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