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This is my first post on the Adventure Cycling forum and I am new to bike touring.  A couple of months ago, I totaled my motorcycle and my wife and I agreed that my motorcycle days are behind me for now.  One of the things I loved about riding a motorcycle were the touring rides and the camaraderie of the adventure.

So, I decided to purchase a 2015 Salsa Vaya.  I purchased the bike about 2 months ago and have been using it to commute 12 miles roundtrip to/from work in Denver.  I have done some solo riding as well for fitness.

Are any of you out there in the Denver interested in doing some day rides in the Denver area as well as touring in Colorado?  I am 38 years old and am in good fitness condition.

Excited to be a member of Adventure Cycling and look forward to hearing from fellow members.

Ross Borgida

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