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First, our Detroit Greenways Coalition has developed a Detroit Greenways Network brochure. This brochures shows our preferred, interconnected trails, greenways, and on-road connections for the cities of Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. The brochure and map are on-line at (Warning: It's a 26 megabyte PDF)

I expect USBR 25 and 30 to use some of these preferred routes,including Jefferson Avenue, Fort Street, W. Vernor, Michigan Avenue.

Here are some relevant updates along those routes:
  • MDOT is committed to build bike lanes along Fort Street and portions of Michigan Avenue
  • Greater Corktown Development Corporation has received TE and TE matching funds for bike lanes on W. Vernor
  • Southwest Detroit Business Association has received TE matching funds for bike lanes on W. Vernor.
  • Jefferson East Business Association is working to get bike lanes on E. Jefferson Avenue.
  • I recently worked with the city to apply for a High Priority Project in the next transportation bill. That request included funding for bike lanes along portions of Fort Street, Michigan Avenue, and Jefferson. I mentioned the USBRS system within the HPP application to show our systems' regional and national significance.
  • Detroit has submitted a proposal for the Active Transportation 2010 program, which if funded, could help us complete this routing sooner than later.
  • We've submitted comments for the new bridge planned between Detroit and Windsor (Detroit River International Crossing). The U.S. plan would allow bikes on the bridge and now notes the USBRS connection. Similar comments were submitted to the Canadian authorities, though I have not seen whether they were incorporated into their final review.
There are other groups involved in adding bike lanes to additional segments along these routes, but it's just too early too announce anything.

As more updates come along, I'll post them here.

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