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I´m middle of the preparation of my bike trip for this summer...planning to go from NY city to Connecticut and then trough upstate New York towards Buffalo.

I must admit, it´s the first time I´ve been riding in north america and I'm asking myself the question, what kind of roadmapping will be the best. I'm used to navigate with paper roadmaps and bicycle-maps....but see a good advantage in having some kind of mobile device with me (iPad etc.) to gather information about the roads, paths and everything else that might become useful on such a trip.

So, my question is: What do you prefer....and, most important, will The area around upstate Newyork provide me with good "enough internet" to navigate?

Thanks - L.

Routes / Re: Recommendation needed for Long Island/ NY
« on: May 08, 2017, 04:04:15 pm »
Thanks so far for all the information....seems like there is no real "remote & natural" way out of New York..and this will just mean to hurry up for me to get asap to Connecticut Upstate New York.

I´ll consider your recommendations - Thanks again for your help!

Cheers from Germany - Laszlo

Routes / Recommendation needed for Long Island/ NY
« on: May 08, 2017, 07:17:53 am »

this year I´ll start my East-to West-Coast trip with Buffalo, maybe Detroit as the finishing point for my first part of this adventure and my plans are so far to start from the JFK airport and to head to the direction of Port Jefferson....
( from there I`ll take the ferry to Bridgeport and then head for the Finger Lakes and Buffalo...)

When I look at Google Earth I got the impression it might be kind of tough to get out of the city of New York heading to Port Jefferson...G.Earth shows me some cycling routes, but they seem to follow the main roads.

What I´d love to have is some more remote/ bikefriendly roads/paths/gravelroads to travel Long Island...any recommendations? What kind of maps should I use?

Thanks in Advance - Laszlo

General Discussion / Discussion: classic Rack-bags vs. "modern" frame bags
« on: December 18, 2016, 06:40:37 am »
Hi there,

during my planning I stumbled upon a question/decison I have to make according how to attach my stuff at my bike.

I´ve been traveling with the classic setup - Ortlieb rack bags in the rear with a extra bag on top and a few things in the front at the handlebar in the past...but looking at the modern frame bags from Salsa or Revelant this seems to be an option but wonder about the pros and cons from each "bagging-system".

What do you use?
What is your experience?
What´s to avoid?

Lets start some discussion about it...

General Discussion / Re: Hi from a new member from germany...
« on: December 15, 2016, 04:17:42 pm »
Born in Bridgeport and later on lived in Vernon...It´s nice to have a look at google and street view just to see, that it looks there almost the same as 40 years ago...but will double-check when I´m there  :D

Not really sure about the route up to a lot today about the Erie canal route and even watched a youtube clip from a bunch of guys who rode from Buffalo to Albany...but got the impression that the route follows a lot of busy traffic roads.

Don´t know too much about the alternative - Catskills and Finger lakes - but think this will be with more hills. (which is Ok )

I will probably have only 14 days to do the trip and don´t want to rush and have to ride every day, so this might also be something I´ll have to keep in mind when choosing my route.

Have you done one of the routes and can recommend some maps?

General Discussion / Hi from a new member from germany...
« on: December 15, 2016, 03:29:06 am »
Hi everybody!

I just joined the ACA and would like to give a short "hello" to everybody here...

I was born in Connecticut and left the States when I was was 6yo and am living in Germany since then. What always haunted me was to have a bike trip from the US east to west coast somedays and this dream is coming very near now. My plans are to have a start next year (2017) and ride from New York via Connecticut to Buffalo ( maybe even Detroit ) for my first part of the whole distance. Altogether I´m heading for something like the northern tier route to join the pacific in Washington.

I`m sure there will be a lot of questions coming up for me before everything is prepared and organized in the right way, so watch out to see one or another question here in the forum...

Thanks in advance to everybody here and I´m looking forwards to hear your advices, support and stories

Here two pictures from my trip last year from Berlin to Dresden along the river Elbe and Neiße and the polish boarder...

My bike:

..and a picture from the bike path along the river Neiße..

Best regards - Laszlo

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