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Join the new Pacific Coast Bike Route group!

FYI A new Facebook group was created for the Pacific Coast Bike Route.  The old one with over 2,500 members was archived by the administrator so its in “secret” mode as defined by facebook and can’t be viewed anymore.

Thanks for Spencer for setting up the new group 2 weeks ago. It now has 38 members.

If you were a part of the old group you will remember the great stories and posts on there.  It’s a great route and the stories that come out of it are even greater!

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I noticed recently the PC Bike Route Facebook group went from a public group to a private group and has now been archived so it is no longer useable. That’s too bad because it had 2,590 members and a fair amount of activity. I enjoyed reading about riders adventures of traveling up and down the Pacific Coast.

Hopefully the administrator hands it over to someone else or opens it back up.

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