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US 95 will be under construction for 13 miles south of Whitebird for resurfacing. The road will remain open but cyclists should expect increased traffic, lane closures, wait times, and poor surfaces. See for more information. This is expected to last through mid-October.

CR 139 is closed at Exit #102 under I-94 due to major construction of the interchange. Eastbound riders, use CR 90 south of Hebron to I-94 as a detour, then continue on CR 139 to Glen Ullin as the map shows. This closure is expected to last until mid-August 2024.

Ziak-Gnat Creek Road will be closed starting July 15, 2024 for 8 weeks. Stay on US 30 to bypass the closure. See for more info.

The ferry is back up and running.

Highway 149 is closed between Belmont and Watertower Rd. for construction in summer 2024. SR 147 and Watertower Rd. can be used as a detour. See for more details.

The Brooke Pioneer Trail is closed between Beech Bottom and Wellsburg until August 20, 2024 due to construction. You can ride SR 2 as a detour.


Starting 6/21/24, bikes will no longer be able to travel up the closed Teton Pass highway.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation and contractors will be hauling crushed base and asphalt to the detour site at milepost 12.8 where a portion of the highway collapsed on June 8.

Bikes must use the pathway or the Old Pass Road on the east side to access the area for recreation, a WYDOT press release said. The road will be closed to bikes through the weekend.

"Officials hope to have the detour paved and the detour opened to traffic by the end of next week," the press release stated.

More updates, like what day the detour will open and its speed restrictions, should be available next week.

Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Re: Teton Pass is Closed
« on: June 10, 2024, 11:45:27 am »
No, that's okay! There's some good information already here. But if you could edit the forum post title to say "TransAm Section 5, Teton Pass is closed, 2024" that would be helpful.


Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Re: Teton Pass is Closed
« on: June 10, 2024, 11:36:14 am »
The official ACA name of the alternate is the "Teton Valley Alternate", which is a digital-only alternate. We do not have any detours around this landslide, nor do we plan on creating one. The Main Route through Yellowstone is still open. It is recommended to ride very early in the morning to avoid the peak traffic.

As of spring 2024, this construction is still ongoing (way past its initial estimated completion date), but hopefully will be completed later this year. Continue to check for information. Also, an unofficial Facebook page is posting updates as well:

In addition, the bridge over the Blue Mesa Reservoir (about 12 miles east of the construction in Little Blue Creek Canyon) is closed due to a failed inspection. See more information in this forum post: or CDOT's website:

The bridge is now open for bicyclists and pedestrians.

On Pacific Coast Section 1, Map 13, the Cathlamet-Westport ferry is out of service until further notice due to mechanical issues.

The following detour begins in Longview, WA (map 12) and connects back to the Pacific Coast Route in Westport, OR (map 13). The detour uses the Lewis & Clark Bridge over the Columbia River. The bridge has shoulders, but they may contain debris and traffic may be heavy depending on the time of day. Ride with caution and try to ride over the bridge during non-peak hours if possible. Beware of logging trucks using the bridge. Once across the bridge, the remainder of the detour borrows routing from the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Route (Section 7) to Westport.

Latham Rd. can also be used as a cutoff between US 5 and the I-91 interchange. This skips a nasty hill in East Thetford.

The US 50 bridge over Blue Mesa Reservoir on map 51 is closed due to structural concerns. There are no detours around the closure less than 300 miles. There is currently no estimated time of reopening. See for more information.

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