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UPDATE: All entrances to Yellowstone National Park CLOSED temporarily due to heavy flooding, rockslides, extremely hazardous conditions; Stay informed about road status and weather conditions.

Roads in northern portion of Yellowstone National Park CLOSED temporarily due to heavy flooding, rockslides, extremely hazardous conditions. See for more info. Some of the roads may be closed for an extended period of time due to the damage.

The current descriptions of the road closures do NOT affect the TransAm or Parks, Peaks, and Prairies routes, but NPS is currently "assessing damage" on these southern roads and more rain is expected.

All entrances to the park are closed and vehicles are being turned away at the entrances.

We will continue to update as more information is learned.

On the Parks, Peaks, and Prairies route, if heading eastbound, beginning in West Yellowstone you will need to follow the Teton Valley Alternate.
TETON VALLEY ALTERNATE: This 139.3 mile alternate to avoid the Park begins in West Yellowstone, MT, and heads west, south and east through Idaho into Wyoming. Here is the link: You'll ride 36 miles on US 20 through Montana and Idaho. The highway has variable shoulder widths, and continuous rumble strips in Idaho. It also has fast moving traffic. In both Idaho and Wyoming there will still be traffic, but we have routed onto several separate bike paths where possible. The Idaho state highways are mostly narrow, and have minimal to no shoulders. The alternate ends in Jackson, Wyoming, where you will follow routing to rejoin the main Parks, Peaks, and Prairies route in Ten Sleep on this link: Here is a pdf that lists services on the Teton Valley Alternate:

Construction will be resuming the week of May 16, 2022. Traffic will be reduced to one-lane. See the image below for more information.

The bridge is reported to be reopened. The detour is no longer necessary.

The Gaviota rest areas are currently closed and undergoing renovations. They are expected to reopen in April 2022.

On March 22, 2022, a large tornado touched down in the New Orleans area, with significant damage in Arabi. Be prepared for roads and services to be closed or inadequate for the next several weeks.

The Dixie Fire is burning near Lake Almanor in Northern California on the Sierra Cascades Route, Section 3. Parts of SR 36, SR 70, and SR 89 are currently closed. The town of Greenville has burned, and many if not all of the services in town and surrounding area are gone. There are no feasible detours at this time (August 5th, 2021).

See the InciWeb page for more information:

UPDATE: The bear that was likely involved in the attack has been killed.

[Great Divide section 1 and Lewis & Clark section 6]
In Ovando, a bear attacked and killed a bicycle camper around 3:30 AM Tuesday morning, July 6th, 2021.  Authorities are currently searching for the bear, and all tent camping in Ovando is closed until further notice. Nearby campgrounds are still open at this time, but be aware that bears can travel up to 20 miles in a day. The Powell County Sheriff is asking travelers to avoid the area if possible, and to use extreme caution. Always carry bear spray, and secure your food, garbage, and other attractants well away from your bike/tent. Do not travel alone, or after dark. The sheriff has set up bear traps in the area; if you see the traps please stay far away and do not disturb them. This is an active situation and may change quickly. For more information, see a news article here:

State Highway 9 south of Kremmling, Colorado will be undergoing a chip seal project from July to September 2022. It will affect about 11 miles of the route between Kremmling and the Green Mountain Reservoir. CDOT is planning to shuttle bikes via their Traffic Control truck.

Routes / Re: Green Mountain Loop
« on: June 04, 2021, 05:30:01 pm »
FYI - I am working on an update of the Green Mountains Loop gpx files right now. The update will include some new routing to include more miles on rail trails. It will also incorporate many updates to the services.

If you have already purchased the gpx files, you can get the updated files for free by logging into your account, going to Purchases, and if the new update has been published, there will be a button to download the new version.

The new version will be published sometime next week (second week in June).

Amy Wally
Routes Department
Adventure Cycling Association

Due to safety concerns, some touring cyclists are choosing to visit Yellowstone National Park by renting a vehicle...

It makes me sad that after ~45 years of advocating for cycle travel Adventure Cycling is offering a route to bypass the crown jewel of America's National Parks due to motor vehicle traffic.

Is there any organized lobbying effort to extend the cycleways of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park up through Yellowstone?

I can dream of a day when, instead of cyclists renting a car to see Yellowstone, motorists park their car at the entrance and rent a bike to see Yellowstone.

It really is a shame, but safety is one of our highest priorities. We like to think that introducing the Teton Alternate is a perfect case of being proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to avoiding cyclist crashes/deaths along our route network. Hopefully this decreases this chance by funneling more people around Yellowstone.

I also dream of a day when we can cycle through Yellowstone, unhindered by traffic!

Amy Wally
Routes Department
Adventure Cycling Association

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