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Due to safety concerns, some touring cyclists are choosing to visit Yellowstone National Park by renting a vehicle...

It makes me sad that after ~45 years of advocating for cycle travel Adventure Cycling is offering a route to bypass the crown jewel of America's National Parks due to motor vehicle traffic.

Is there any organized lobbying effort to extend the cycleways of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park up through Yellowstone?

I can dream of a day when, instead of cyclists renting a car to see Yellowstone, motorists park their car at the entrance and rent a bike to see Yellowstone.

It really is a shame, but safety is one of our highest priorities. We like to think that introducing the Teton Alternate is a perfect case of being proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to avoiding cyclist crashes/deaths along our route network. Hopefully this decreases this chance by funneling more people around Yellowstone.

I also dream of a day when we can cycle through Yellowstone, unhindered by traffic!

Amy Wally
Routes Department
Adventure Cycling Association

The ferry has reopened.

Amy Wally
ACA Routes Department

A 4-mile stretch of US 50 between Cimarron and Sapinero will be undergoing major construction until November 2022. There will be significant traffic impacts. During the weekdays, the roadway will be open for single-lane, alternating traffic. Parts of the roadway will be reduced to dirt and gravel. Expect long wait times, and note that the area of construction is in a remote area with no nearby services. The construction zone will be fully open to two-way traffic on the weekends (5:30 PM Friday to 8:30 AM Monday), although traffic will be higher. There are no detours around the construction zone less than 100 miles. The contractor hasn't made any accommodations for bicyclists, so we recommend asking a pickup truck driver if you can get a ride by putting your bike in the pickup bed. See  and for more information.

UPDATE: Caltrans announced today (Feb. 25, 2021) that major emergency repairs of Highway 1 on the Big Sur Coast at Rat Creek will begin March 1 and that it estimates it will reopen the famed roadway early this summer.

According to our blog post from 2016, "Caltrans has stated it is legal to ride on the shoulder of I-5 between Las Pulgas Road and Oceanside, exits 62 to 54."

Also, according to most recent StreetView imagery, the southbound entrance ramp at Las Pulgas Road and the northbound entrance ramp at Harbor Dr. both have signs that state "no pedestrians" but do NOT say "no bicycles". If bicycles were not allowed, it should explicitly say "Pedestrians, Bicycles, Motor-Driven Cycles Prohibited." (See northbound entrance ramp at Las Pulgas Road for an example.)

There are certain sections of I-5 where bicyclists are allowed, and other sections where bicyclists are not allowed. If you pay attention to the signs at the onramps, it should make this clear. Once you enter a legal section of the interstate, in a few miles you should see a sign that says "Bicycles, motor-driven cycles must exit" where bicycles become prohibited again. That's where you need to exit.

In January 2021, a section of Highway 1 at Rat Creek (north of Lucia, map 48) collapsed when the cliffside below gave way amid torrential rain. Both the northbound and southbound lanes washed away. The road will be impassable for an undetermined amount of time, at least several months. Check the current status of Highway 1 here:

The recommended detour is 147.9 miles long, beginning in Marina and ending in Cambria. Services are limited between King City and Paso Robles. See the detour here: Note that it can be significantly hotter inland than it is on the coast.

EDIT: This post originally included a detour for southbound riders using Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, which we have since learned is closed due to damage from the Dolan fire.

A portion of River Road between Portland and Belvidere is closed to replace a culvert. See for a detour.

Lower Brule and Crow Creek Indian Reservations are closed to outsiders due to COVID-19. This requires a detour between Chamberlain and Pierre. See the detour here:

If your prefer a detour without interstate riding, here is a longer and less direct detour. Services are limited.

Routes / Re: Northern tier #10 Maps 126-127 To Avoid Canada Alternate
« on: July 22, 2020, 01:13:16 pm »
Here is a map of the route to avoid Canada posted above:

This is the most direct version of the alternate, that does not go into Niagara Falls.

We have received a report from a cyclist on the road that Old White Bird Hill Rd. southwest of Grangeville, Idaho has been recently chipsealed with fairly large-stone gravel. This road is steep and windy, ride very carefully.

The bridge over Little River between Quincy and Midway (High Bridge Rd./CR 268) is closed until further notice for repair. US 90 can be used as a detour. See for a map of the reroute.

Also see for more info

In Wolcott, Mill St. is closed while a bridge is being repaired. You will have to detour south onto SR 104, which has wide shoulders. The detour should be signed. The construction is expected to be finished by Fall 2019. See for more information.

In Blaine, WA, Sweet Rd., Hughes Ave., and Bell Rd. are closed for construction. You must cross I-5 at a different location. Here is a link to the detour:

The construction is expected to be done in Fall 2019.

Highway 61 between Lake City and Wabasha is being resurfaced and traffic is being detoured onto CR 10 and CR 4. To avoid riding with the heavy truck traffic being detoured onto CR 4, CR 9 and CR 33 south of Lake City can be used as an alternate. See for more information. The construction is expected to end August 16, 2019.

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