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Great news for folks traveling through Big Sur. The Mud Creek Slide the DOT didn't think they'd have repaired until September will be opening at the end of July! Looks like work will continue but traffic will be able to pass through.

The new bridge at Pfeiffer Canyon in Big Sur is set to reopen October 13, 2017. Cyclists choosing to ride Big Sur will still need to detour around the Mud Creek Slide south of Gorda. That repair work is slated to be complete Summer 2018.

For cyclists determined to ride a portion of the Big Sur Coast, this detour offers an alternative to the previous detour inland. This “alternate detour” includes about 53 miles along the beautiful Big Sur Coast, compared to zero with the original detour.  See the alternate detour here:

After crossing the Pffeifer Canyon bridge, continue riding south on State Highway 1. In about 26 miles, turn left onto Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. The first 7 miles of this road are extremely steep, but have incredible views of the ocean. The entire length of the road is paved, but narrow and curvy.

After Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd., the new detour passes through Fort Hunter Liggett and then meets up with the original detour routing in Jolon. [NOTE: There may be ID requirements to pass through Fort Hunter Liggett. Follow that conversation here:]

Services are limited on this alternate detour. Camping is not allowed along State Highway 1 or Nacimiento-Fergusson Road except in designated campgrounds. Lime Kiln State Park, Kirk Creek Campground, Plaskett Creek Campground (5 mi. south of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road), Nacimiento Campground, and Ponderosa Campground are some options. The Lucia Lodge and the Lockwood Store will likely be important stops for food and water. Plan ahead. This new detour is only recommended for cyclists determined to see Big Sur and not afraid of a challenge. The original detour has less climbing and more services.

This issue appears to be resolved. The local cyclist group has been riding Indian Ford Rd. again with no dog problems.


A landslide has closed down both lanes of US 101 north of Leggett, CA. The highway is expected to be fully closed potentially until 4/28/17. There are no local detours. The current recommended alternative route is Highway 36, Highway 299, and Highway 20 to the Central Valley along Interstate 5.

Below is a news report from April 21, 2017 that includes updates from Caltrans and the county of Humboldt:

And here is a link for hourly updates from Caltrans:

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