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Otter Creek County Highway 9 is closed in two places along the route. It is closed just south of Cormorant and it is closed for the 5 miles immediately north of Pelican Rapids (the latter beginning July 12 for a repaving project). I was able to ride the section north out of Pelican Rapids (currently unsaved); the worker I spoke to said they expected the full closure to last a couple weeks.

I didn't try this detour, but looking at the map and consulting Google Maps I'd recommend eastbound riders take MN 32 south through Rolland and Tansem, turn east on MN 34 for 5 miles or so before turning south on County Highway 23, take that 2 miles or so to County Highway 113, follow 113 south for about 3 miles to MN 108, and follow MN 108 east the remaining 4.5 miles or so to rejoin the route in Pelican Rapids. (Of course, reverse this if westbound.)

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