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Routes / San Fransisco > Sierra Cascades > Portland > Astoria
« on: October 29, 2017, 04:50:22 am »
I have to be in Astoria Oregon on May 29 to pick up the trans am. I'm considering maybe flyong out earlier. If I fly into San Fransisco and ride east to pick up the Sierra cascades route then via Portland to to Astoria will the passes be open during that time generally? If a pass is closed officially (snow) does that mean it's likely unpassable on a road bike still, or is that just for cars really? Closed means the snow hasn't been cleared from the road surface right? Or is it 'illegal' to ride a closed pass? I'd have a bivvy bag (no tent) and read in the National parks like Yosemite camping sites still charge same rates as an RV ?! stealth camping in a bivvy bag would be my preference, however just how 'strict' are the rangers etc in the four wheeled tourist dominated areas? I'd stay on the route and move on each night riding about 12 hours a day. I'd allow a month maybe less, sound about right?  :)

Gear Talk / Hydraulic or cable disc brakes for the Trans Am?
« on: October 13, 2017, 05:08:08 pm »
I'm moving from rim brakes to disc brakes on a new bike for the trans am. It has disc brake wheels/ I have to choose between hydraulic or cable disc brakes. I've never ridden disc brakes before. I have been told that cable disc brakes are fixable by the rider much easier than hydraulic brakes. Also small 'outback' bike stores often have no parts or experience of hydraulic disc brakes on road bikes on the trans am that true? One local bike store here says run hydraulics, the other says run cable dis brakes. The ionternet is full of different opinions mostly from riders not doing more than local loops. I'm heavy at 105 kilos on a 15 kilo loaded bike. I know how to fix anything rim brake...but discs have me baffled as to how I'd fix them out near muddy gap for example!
Any thoughts?

For Cycling the Trans Am the extra cost of city navigator worth it over the Garmin cycle maps? 

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