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Routes / Re: ACA Discontinuing some Paper Maps
« on: November 12, 2020, 10:34:19 am »
I concur with much of what has been posted. I like the idea of a PDF (or other printable version) of the map as an option. What concerns me about discontinuing the paper maps is the additional information the paper version has - such as average weather data, points of interest along the way - that is not included in the digital version.

Some friends and I were originally planning to do the Pacific Coast this past summer (COVID casualty) and we found the weather and daylight hours info helpful for planning. Of course, this data is available elsewhere, but the ACA maps makes it more convenient.

Just my opinion

Thanks, Road Warrior. Your response is exactly what I expected, but I was holding out to be pleasantly surprised! No such luck. The alternative scenario is the best choice. GPSBabel is a utility that will convert a GPX format file to a CSV format file, so one can take a SERVICES.GPX (with campgrounds, restaurants, etc.) and build a simple database a spreadsheet or other app for the phone or tablet.

Thanks for responding, though. Happy trails ahead!

I'm trying to transfer Southern Tier routes & Waypoints to my eTrex 20x. Upload to Basecamp (v4.7.1) is fine. Transfer to eTrex is fine except the NOTES field for the waypoints. Only the first 48 characters transfers. In many cases, especially for campgrounds, this leaves out some critical additional info.

In Basecamp, the full NOTE data is there from the GPX file.

I also tried manually editing the NOTES field on the eTrex (via Basecamp); no luck.

Any insights will be appreciated

I've been trying to use my phone as a GPS system (an LG Escape 2) but the GPS signal is unreliable and intermittent. My use is strictly in the USA. The android apps I.m using are RideWithGPS (, good for planning, navigation and recording; there's also Offline Maps & Navigation ( which has downloadable offline maps of  just about everywhere; I also use some topo maps, but these are north america which won't help you out in Russia.

I was looking at the Garmin GLO, which is a GPS receiver that will communicate with a navigation devise, like a phone or tablet, via bluetooth. The attraction is that the screen on the LG phone is about 3x the size of the eTrex 20x.

Anyone have experience using the GLO with a phone?

Gear Talk / Re: Advice for choosing components to reduce gear inches
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:35:54 am »
Question: If one can achieve the gear-inch target range of 18 - 110 by either changing the chainrings or the cassette (similar cost), is there a preferred option?

I'm in the process of outfitting a Cannondale Hybrid with MTB component set to be my touring cycle. I can get to a gear-inch range of ~18 to ~110 by changing the crankset and chainrings (staying within the 20 tooth capacity for the front derailleur) OR changing the cassette cogs (rear derailleur will adjust to accommodate the largest cog). Cost and effort are about equal.

The one advantage of the crankset change is that I could go with a longer crankarm (175mm rather than keep the current 170mm).


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