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Rocky Mountain / the Old Guys adventure
« on: May 31, 2018, 12:12:46 pm »
I'm putting together a ride from Whitefish to GNP, then on to Columbia Falls and return to Whitefish beginning 16 August,finishing around the 22nd, and we're looking for some gravel riding partners.  We're not flat-out racers here, but a group of guys pushing 70 (It's my 70th birthday celebratory ride!).  First night is Red Meadow Lake, then through Polebridge (of COURSE we'll stop!!), then over the river into GNP and maybe to Bowman Lake,then down to Logging Creek, Fish Creek or Apgar, Columbia Falls and return to Whitefish.  Anybody interested in riding with us??

Rocky Mountain / shuttles from Ashton Id to West Yellowstone
« on: May 31, 2018, 12:04:09 pm »
we're contemplating doing the Yellowstone branch line on our fatbikes later this Summer, and I wonder if anyone knows of the possibility of a return shuttle from Ashton.  I expect we'll camp on the way down and do some fishing.  I'd rather not have to drive two vehicles from Central Washington all the way to West Yellowstone if I can avoid it though!

Food Talk / to cook or not-thoughts on stoves and "stuff"
« on: September 19, 2017, 12:31:42 pm »
Most of us are vacationing, not doing epic tours, so in this spirit, and as an amateur chef, here's what I've learned on grub:  First, everybody eats, so how much work do you want to put in to this?  Second, is resupply an issue?  Third, how much junk do you really want to carry, and fourth, how many days between resupply?   Resupply's critical: if there's no chance other than the occasional trout out of the stream, it's freeze dried stuff.  You only need to boil water for this, and there's lots of food available.  It's when resupply is available that it gets interesting.  Tara Alan's book "Bike Camp Cook" is fantastic, but I don't like her choice of stove.  Whisperlites are sooty, and are a pain to properly simmer stuff.  The International model's great if you're off into some third world location though-it'll pretty much run on anything flammable.  I haul a Trangia set, and for simmering it's superb.  High enough heat to do crepes, and low enough for stews.  The little alcohol burner can turn out dishes like scampi easily where there's fresh shrimp available, or one of my favorites; crab linguine in a lemon-cream sauce.  Stews are easy since heat control is excellent  I've used pretty much every stove available, from the old Svea 123 to a Jetboil, and the Trangia does it best!

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