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Underground Railroad / Accommodation
« on: May 11, 2009, 02:40:08 am »

I'm from Sydney Australia and thinking of doing some or all of the Underground Railway route by myself. (South to North). I've never cycled in USA before, except for doing the touris thing in Washington DC.  I'm 68, not that experienced in bike riding so don't know how far I'll travel per day and want to keep flexability, e.g. stay a few days whenever there is something of particular interest or the weather turns to puss. I don't want to take a tent.  Is it possable to get accomodation in Motels/caravan parks or whatever you call them with out advance bookings or only booking a day or so inadvance? I estimate a 40 -50 mile ride over easy terrain would be a long enough day for me!


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