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General Discussion / Re: 1 wheel bicycle beginner
« on: October 02, 2023, 01:04:15 pm »
A one-wheeled bicycle cannot exist.

Routes / Re: 3-4 month USA 2024
« on: September 20, 2023, 10:54:57 am »

My suggestion would be to just follow the TransAmerica Trail all the way. It's a great route and you can purchase GPX files for it. It is very suitable for an east-to-west crossing in May through July. It does not spend much time in cities. It passes through Yellowstone. It has lots of camping available, and other cyclotouring support. I think it ticks all your boxes, and the planning would be trivial.
+1. And with 4 months, you could probably take some deviations, like the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, which is one of my favorites.  Leave the TransAm after Badger Pass out of Dillon, Montana, ride the Byway, and hook back up with the Trans Am in Wisdom, Montana. Another possible detour would be to head north from Missoula up to Glacier National Park, ride up and pack down the west slope of Going to the Sun and then follow the Northern Tier route to Mount Vernon, Washington then south to end in Seattle for easy transportation home.

Routes / Re: GDMBR change in Thompson Park (MT)
« on: September 05, 2023, 09:17:48 am »
no idea there was a rideable trail at the top.

Standing on Pipestone Pass, streetview shows a trail. I believe it connects to the Milwaukee Road Trail.

I remember seeing the Ped-Xing signs at the top.  On the way down one year I stopped to look down on the old ROW.  (I am in the freight rail biz and sort of a rail geek.  Riding the Route of the Hiawatha trail a few years ago was really exciting.)  IIRC, that was in 2014.  It looked pretty trashy down there.  I am guessing it has been improved since then.  Was last there in 2016 but didn't stop ay the pass or on the way down.

BTW..Have they erected a pass sign yet?  The first year I rode it I didn't know I had made it to the top until I started heding down.

Routes / Re: GDMBR change in Thompson Park (MT)
« on: September 01, 2023, 08:25:01 am »
This has been an interesting read.  I have climbed Pipestone 3 times from west to east via MT 2 on the way to Butte and had no idea there was a rideable trail at the top. 

General Discussion / Re: cost per day to tour
« on: August 31, 2023, 09:25:58 am »
I just finished biking from Alaska to Arizona. It was crazy expensive. On average groceries are +100% more expensive than groceries in Scandinavia where I am from - and Scandinavia is considered expensive in Europe. Meals at restaurants are the same price as Scandinavia. Most expensive USFS campground was 34 USD - I was shocked. No option for hiker biker sites. In southern AZ motels are the same price as private campgrounds/RV parks.

Biggest wish: Adventure cycling will tour the routes and ask fire dept's, churches, community parks, sheriffs, if cyclists can have a free spot to sleep in town. Its killing us.

Some Forest Service districts are raising (or have raised) their camping fees due to a lack of federal funding.  When I was in Rexford, MT, which is on the Northern Tier, in 2019 there was a notice posted on a bulletin board at the federal campground there about a proposal to raise rates at various facilities.  Some of those rates were to double into the $30 range.

I doubt ACA has the resources for something like that.  What people can do for ACA routes is inform the organization if they come across a nice place to camp that is not listed on the maps.  During my 2017 tour in MT, I stumbled across a delightful municipal camping area about 5 flat miles off the Northern Tier route when I stopped to pick up some last-minute food supplies. I incorporated a night there into my 2019 itinerary.  $10 with electricity, water, lush grass, covered shelters (you can pitch your tent under one if the weather is wet) with tables in one of them, and a well-maintained, USFS-type vault toilet.  The place is not only right along the Clark Fork River, but it is also right across from the local bar, general store, cafe and hardware store.  It's on the side of the river that is far away from the highway, and there are no through roads in town, so the place is quiet.  And the town's people were very friendly.  I let ACA know about it.

Heh. Looking at Google Maps, I can see that there have been improvements since I was there in 2019. Both shelters have been replaced by larger, nicer ones, and I believe a second toilet has been added.,-115.7818575,3a,37.5y,2.63h,92.62t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sEnHLH2d0lVHwtgyfTvCQjQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

General Discussion / Re: Boxed Bike on Delta Airlines
« on: August 24, 2023, 08:01:47 am »
I'd be surprised to learn that there is a major airline that does not give you at least one free checked bag if you fly business/first class.   I factor that cost savings when choosing my class.  One year I flew round trip to Missoula for a tour.  After backing out the $70 round trip checked bag fee, the cost difference between coach and first class was less than $200. (Coach fare was over $700.)  I thought i was dreaming looking at the computer monitor.  I snatched that right up.

General Discussion / Re: Live to Ride
« on: August 14, 2023, 01:12:01 pm »
New England, especially in late spring and early fall. Plenty of gravel in Vermont.  I live by the rule that if it's a rural road that is not a state or U.S. highway and you are not familiar with it, don't be surprised if it turns to gravel at some point. Most of them seem to be pretty well maintained though.  The state also appears to put a good amount of money into its state park system.  I stayed in 6 during my 2022 tour of the state. Nice to very nice. And all of them had large lean-tos, which is nice of it ends up raining.

Routes / Re: TransAm Express Map Set?
« on: August 10, 2023, 09:59:47 am »
The official website for the GAP trail is very informative.  IIRC, it's

Routes / Re: 3-4 month USA 2024
« on: August 07, 2023, 09:58:48 am »
Many people start the Trans Am route in the east in May. These days, early May is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.  That would get you through the Midwest before the worst of the heat and humidity.

Where in Spain did you ride.  Twenty-three years ago, I spent 7 weeks touring Andalucia.  Flew to Sevilla in mid-March and finished at the end of April to beat the heat.

Routes / Re: Missoula to Casper-WY
« on: August 04, 2023, 01:52:29 pm »
Sometimes you have to ride "Meh" to get to "Wow!".  And for part of the way between Clinton and Bonner Jct. there is a rec. path that had a good surface, at least back in 2016.

Routes / Re: Missoula to Casper-WY
« on: August 02, 2023, 09:15:21 am »
I agree about Butte.  Have stayed there 3 times during tours.  Always at the motor lodge portion of the Hotel Finlen.  Reserve a room on the first floor and you can roll your bike right into the room.  And if you are really hungry, I know a place to get a good steak within walking distance of the hotel.

Yes. Rock Creek Rd. in that direction is a net elevation gain, but it's' gradual.  Once you turn off for P'Burg, there is a legitimate climb, but if your experience ends up like the two I had, you''ll have a decent tailwind up, and then a nice descent to town. And P'Burg up to Georgetown Lake is going to involve some climbing before the long descent towards Anaconda, so you might as well get some work in.

P'Burg itself is a nice town.  Seems to be prosperous.  The woman who ran the motel/campground on W. Broadway all 3 times I was there was a character, but in a good way. (I would book ahead of time.) Last time I was there camping (2016) I crossed paths with ACA's Cycle Montana tour.

Send me a PM is you want my route from Anaconda to Butte that avoids the Interstate.  There has been some paved trail development over the years, but it does not show on Google Maps.  I ran into a local who showed me the way to go.

Routes / Re: Missoula to Casper-WY
« on: July 31, 2023, 08:13:08 am »
If you can pull off 75 miles, this is a nice route from Missoula to Philipsburg:

There is a motel and several places to eat in P'Burg. Decent chance of seeing a moose on Rock Creek Road. The first 10 miles are paved.  Next 30 to the climb are dirt.  Surface was good last time I was there in 2016.

From there, MT 1 will take you to Anaconda, and you can get to Butte from Anaconda without getting on the Interstate.

Also, the Hiawatha is a great ride, but you will feel the grade going up.  That was a tough piece of railroad.  When you get to the eastern end of the trail at East Portal, the former railroad right-of-way becomes the Olympia Trail.  You can ride that all the way to St. Regis.  You'll have to research surface conditions yourself.

General Discussion / Stay Bear Aware
« on: July 27, 2023, 08:40:01 am »
Last Friday I was driving the portion of the Atlantic Coast route through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on my way to Pond Eddy, NY for a weekend of camping and rafting.  I took the scenic route up rather than U.S. 209 on the PA side of the because I was hoping to see a bear.

I got my wish--times two.  Saw two sickeningly cute, jet-black cubs playing on the edge of the road.  When they saw me, they stopped and starred for a few seconds then ran off into the woods.  Mom was likely up there.  Back in 2018 I saw a very young cub in the campground at Worthington State Forest, which is not far south, during a bike tour south from VT.  Several years before that, one ran across Old Mine Road just before a group of us came along during the...wait for it...Black Bear Century.  It left behind muddy paw prints. And earlier this summer I read about increased bear activity in Connecticut.

Just because you are in more populated areas in the northeast doesn't mean you should not take precautions.

BTW...Many of the road surfaces south of the Walpack Inn all the way to the pedestrian walkway of the I-80 bridge are in terrible shape.  Use extreme caution, especially if it has rained a lot recently.  That puddle might be a deep pothole.  I rode south through there in 2021.

I remembered the stretch immediately south of the U.S. 206 crossing being in very poor condition.  No longer wanting to be jostled around even though I have AWD, I crossed back into PA using the Dingmans Ferry toll bridge.  ($2, and they do charge bikes.)

Routes / Re: Northen Tier - Libby to Whitefish safest way?
« on: July 25, 2023, 09:49:14 am »
Do you know anything about Old Fort Steele Trail between Stryker and Olney? it doesn't get you off U.S. 93 completely, but it would give you a good break.
Very Little. The only information I have is that between Blue Lake and the bridge over Sunday Creek (road surface seems to be unpaved) is about 3.2 miles and about 200 ft ascent and 200 ft descent. When I take a look with Google Satellite I see a fairly wide road with even a car on it.

Thanks. I was supposed to take it south back in 2019.  I ended up not riding it because I rode right passed the start near Stryker and lost too much time getting "un-lost" after doing some climbing that I decided to go back on pavement.  What I did notice was that there was a big pile of earth pushed up at the northern end at Sunday Creek Road, creating a berm.  It was as if you were being warned "If your vehicle cannot get over this pile it's not fit for driving this road." I did ask a woman in car on Sunday Creek Road if it was passible. She said it was passible on a bike in a way that suggested not so much in a car.

Routes / Re: Northen Tier - Libby to Whitefish safest way?
« on: July 24, 2023, 10:07:54 am »
Between Eureka and Whitefish you could take the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) if you wish. It is gravel and a detour of about 90 miles. You also have 5665 ft of ascent and 5319 ft of descent (summed). But it is as far as i know quiet with little traffic. There are a number of campgrounds along this trail with limited facilities: Grave Creek Campground, Tuchuck Campground and Upper Whitefish Lake Campground. You can also cycle halfway to Polebridge (5 miles one way). In Polebridge there is a mercantile and cabins

Do you know anything about Old Fort Steele Trail between Stryker and Olney? it doesn't get you off U.S. 93 completely, but it would give you a good break.

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