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This is what I learned. The TA is great in Oregon, Idaho, MT WY, CO, KY and VA. Great sites, great route. Challenging at times but always something nearby. However, east of Pueblo, CO all the way to Newton, KS I took US 50 as this is the old Santa Fe trail and there are so many historical places to see along the way. Towns are regularly spaced, the road has a very wide shoulder. I have driven the TA route which is just north of US 50. While a good road, not as much on the route or near the route. Not as many towns either. I took my time, 60 miles was a long day. Usually I just did about 50 miles. As I have COPD I had to stop and rest my lungs every few days. When I did this I got a rental car and spent a couple days, sometimes more, seeing the sights in the area. Then I would turn the car in and start pedaling again for about a week. Repeat. Worked pretty well. Always check at the local visitors center. ALWAYS. I have also ridden across Washington State on the Northern Tier which is the Cascade Highway. It is very pretty and t times challenging. Scary as the shoulders for the most part are non-existent and those logging trucks are big. They do a great job sharing the road. There are plenty of places to stay along this route and the scenery is awesome. Great people along the route too.

In 2017 I rode across the US mostly on the TA self supported. In 2019 I rode from Boise, ID to Dawson Creek, BC self supported and from there to Delta Junction, AK supported with a SAG vehicle as a group tour. It is a lot easier ride without the gear on the bike. I usually stay in hotels. Especially in hot temps. Having the vehicle with you gives you options for where to stay, where to eat, sightseeing on rest days, etc. You may recall mountains take some discipline. It get tired (bored) of just going up continuously. Not physically, mentally. You mentioned what you did "back in the day" please remember this isn't then and you are a couple decades older. I learned that the hard way.

Routes / Re: seeking best route from west coast to east coast this summer
« on: September 13, 2020, 09:07:34 am »
So did you go? I know I am late on this but I found the TA is great much of the way. I like history so in SE Colorado and western Kansas I took US highway 50 from Pueblo, CO to Newton, KS. Towns regularly, wide shoulders, lots of history. This is the old Santa Fe Trail. In Missouri, the TA is along very narrow, twisting roads with little to no shoulder and lots of traffic. I dropped south to US 60 and took it across the state. Nice wide shoulders, towns frequently. At Sikeston, MO I went north to Cape Giradeau and crossed the Mississippi. It is very unsafe to try to cross east of Sikeston at Cairo, IL. From Cape Giradeau I traveled east and rejoined the TA near Elizabethtown, IL. Could have rejoined sooner but didn't feel like it.

General Discussion / Re: Boise to Dawson Creek via Calgary
« on: October 13, 2018, 11:13:32 am »
Thanks for the information.
I have to be in Dawson Creek by June 9th for the start of the supported portion of my ride. Everything before that is flexible. I may even drive there or fly to Edmonton and take the tour's shuttle to Dawson Creek. Still early in planning process. Some background. I have ridden self supported across the US, once. On a good day I could do 60 miles. Longest was 67 miles. Usually did around 50.

I have a copy of The Milepost on order. Thanks Amazon and Pete! (zzzz).

jamawani, I live in Boise. However I have spent most of my life in the Midwest. Mountains are still a new thing to me. I understand (and have learned hardway) they can be harsh and unforgiving. As it will take time to get to the Rockies, I really won't be reaching them until mid May. The Icefields Parkway sounds nice. As does Kananaskis. I just googled them. Perhaps on return from Alaska. I didn't even consider ID 55 for this strip. That is a deathtrap as far as I am concerned. US 95 is a general course. Your idea to cross the Wallowas is something worth looking into. Which Elk Pass are you talking about? I have found three so far. One I can through out. The other two could be it.

Everyone. I am also contemplating a run east across southern Idaho, then north through Butte and Helena, Montana and along the eastern front of the Rockies into Canada. It is a bit farther. I have the time. This crosses the Rockies at lower elevation and hopefully warmer temperatures.


General Discussion / Boise to Dawson Creek via Calgary
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:38:51 pm »
Hi. I am planning route from Boise, Idaho to Dawson Creek, BC. Need ideas on routes and things to do. So far I plan on taking US 95 to Canada where I take the Provincial 95 through Cranbrook and Banff then to Calgary. Head north to Edmonton and then turn northwest to Dawson Creek. I would like to spend a few days each in Calgary and Edmonton. My plan is to leave Boise around May 1, 2019 and arrive in Dawson Creek by June 9th. There I will be part of a fully supported ride to Delta Junction, Alaska. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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