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General Discussion / Re: Safety issues for solo biking
« on: May 28, 2009, 03:33:57 am »
I too am planning a solo bike tour (May 2010) and aside from not knowing what bike to buy (my 10 year old Bianchi Lynx won't cut it) I am torn on weather or not to carry a weapon. Not a pistol but mace, a tazer, or a stick. I am a martial arts guy and would feel comfortable with a staff, but it seems like a big thing to carry.  Mace and tazers are smaller and more manageable, but I worry about effectiveness and how the cops would deal with me given that laws governing such things are different in different states.  Do any of you carry a weapon?  Is it not advised to carry one, given the cops might freak out if they found it?  Any advice on this front would be appreciated.


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