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Routes / Re: Seattle to San Francisco Aug/Sept
« on: June 01, 2009, 10:32:23 am »
Valygrl, I remember you helped me out when I started planning 6 years ago (before being hit by a car.) I can't remember the formula to calculate gear inches, but my triple ring is 46-34-24 and my rear cassette is 9 rings 23-11; I think this was close to what John Schubert recommended. I am mid-40s with a severed ACL (severed, not torn) so have to be conscientious of the knees. Is it feasible to only carry 15 lbs on a trek from Seattle to Santa Barbara, camping? (maybe you mean that it can be done if CC traveling) Would you forego cooking to lighten the load? Not carry a tent and hope for shelter? Thanks so much for your suggestions.

Routes / Re: Seattle to San Francisco Aug/Sept
« on: June 01, 2009, 09:36:55 am »
Thank you both for the responses. I consider myself fit, but do need to load my panniers and begin riding with the load. A 50 mile ride is easy for me on any given day and depending on wind conditions I can average 16-19mph, but speed is not the concern -- it's the hills! South Florida is one big sand bar, and the local highway bridges are my only source for incline practice.  I have perused the forums for more posts on this route (and older posts) and understand that north to south is definitely the better direction.

Thanks too for the encouragement to continue farther south... I am pondering that. I ordered the entire Pacific AC map set. I've been wanting to do this trip for so long, I can't believe I finally have the opportunity to go! Actually, I am wondering why I would stop, except to take in the beauty of the scenery! Once I get going, I may prefer to call the road my home!

Gear Talk / Re: Co-motion Americano vs Norwester Tour
« on: May 31, 2009, 04:13:54 pm »
This reply is late, but I just registered....
In 2003, I replaced my totaled 30 year old beloved 10 speed with a Norwester, with couplings. My LBS did a fabulous job, and so did CoMotion. I live in Florida as well. I have over 5000 miles on my CoMotion, and am finally preparing for my first "long" tour this summer (after numerous multiday rides). The couplings are great, easy to use, have never been a problem. I keep my bike indoors, BTW. If you haven't purchased yet and would feel more comfortable seeing (riding?) this bike, send me a message (I think you can do that with this forum?). Oh, I am 5'7 and 122 lbs.

Good luck!

General Discussion / Re: new to this
« on: May 31, 2009, 03:32:15 pm »
Hi jake, I'm a AAA member, but -- AAA is for automobiles!  Their maps might be useful for scenery but not so useful for safe cycling conditions. I would suggest surfing the internet for bike clubs local to the areas you would like to tour, as a start. They may even have some of their own routes posted online. You should also look at the local and state Public Works or Transportation websites, as they often will have maps showing Bike and Pedestrian routes. And the third place I would look is the state tourism website for bicycle routes. Have fun!

Routes / Seattle to San Francisco Aug/Sept
« on: May 30, 2009, 09:02:34 pm »
I am planning my first long tour (over 200mi), beginning in Seattle and heading to San Francisco. I would appreciate some help in planning and understanding this route. I am coming from south Florida (flat flat flat) and don't know how to judge travel in this region. I need to be in SF on a particular date. I am ordering AC maps, but don't have them yet. So far, I don't have any traveling companions.

Is it unreasonable to expect to travel 50-60 mi/day heading north to south (for a flatlander)? I hope to take a day off every now and then, to enjoy the scenery.

Are there frequent bike-friendly places to stay on AC route? (churches, YMCAs, fire houses)

I have a road bike with pretty good low gears -- is this route going to feel rough for a road bike?

Are there lots of bears in campgrounds on this route?

Any input welcome.

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