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Just some thoughts?

I got chills reading this! You hit the nail right on the head with every sentence! Would love to read more of your thoughts. Your encouragement, positivity, and belief is worth more than you know. Thank you.

I didn't go through enough of the kids videos to see what his home life is like, what he was leaving behind, his hopes in this, etc... to speak enough for him. If he was a black kid in the hood, I would say, "Right on!"

This inspired me to try and convince him to get more personal with the audience. I think this is very important. We talked last night and he asked me if I watched his most recent video. I admittedly said I buffered through a majority of it. I don't want to see sped up montages of him riding his bicycle on a highway. I'm here for the struggle. The relent. The inspiration. To live vicariously through his unconformity, adventure, and unknowing of what's to come. To know how that person was brought up would bring a deeper level of attraction to the character. Thank you for that.

As far as my idea...there are thousands of people doing what he is doing right now just more supported, and lucky enough to have marketable skills to self support like typical tech nomad life folks can do because of their own luck of being born into better opportunities and education. They have gofundme and other crowd sourcing methods available to them also.

Not to mention seeing a community that praises so much on the kindness and hospitality of others throughout the world allegedly, even with forums, blogs, and articles dedicated to such things, and then profiting off of those stories in their own crowd sourcing, donations, etc... it would be nice to see folks utilize technology in other ways of doing cool things collectively and coming up with ideas that haven't been done before and giving opportunities to folks that might not get them normally.

The conversation of how to gain more subscribers came about last night as well. He dreams to obtain a large audience, inspire them to think outside of the box, and teach them that they don't have to settle. Not to have the biggest donations. As my contribution I decided to take it upon myself to blindly reach out to different bicycle and travel forums as the first steps in hopes to find a target audience to watch his videos. My foot is in the door and I hope to open more avenues and have more conversations with people like you.

Maybe he is the next up and coming gets him a touring bike, and we turn him into the next "Human Abroad" kind of thing. He youtubes all of it, ends up touring all over the world, donations and some kind of a lotto system to where his next place to discover is, send his personality in to talk with folks and the locals, and as he grows and rises, more and more opportunities and doors open for him. Now it turns into a small production company and website. He has a couple of people employed, including himself, and I would say more wisdom and skills to last a couple of lifetimes of how to figure things out eventually.

Now that's a dream I'd like to be a part of. I believe he's 100% capable of making that happen.

Or...maybe he just gets blessed with a bike out of it and ends up riding his entire life and somehow that opened a door up for him along the way even if just spiritually. But more importantly, the community comes together and does something it never did before, and then people see how cool of an idea or event it was, and people in the community become inspired to do other things or even bigger ideas collectively to bless, help, support folks, or just because they can and it was fun to watch and be a part of.


Think that was done already wasn't it?

You always here these stories of how bicycle touring relies so much on the kindness of others when out and about in the rest of the world...get some world bicycling tour folks that have utilized that generosity out there in the world, and ask them to kick in a donation of something to help build a bike/gear/etc... Build the guy a full touring bike with proper panniers and all the gear from donated stuff. Don't tell him it's happening and surprise him somewhere on his journey. Utilize different platforms of social media in bike touring and see if the kindness that others have benefited from really will pay it forward to help him. Have all the parts sent to some place ahead of him to someone who is mechanical, would volunteer some time to do the build, have it waiting for him somewhere and surprise him with it. Would be fun to add to the Youtube channel too.

He needs rain gear if anyone is reading and has extra :)

That would be AMAZING! I've never directly asked anyone for donations before and I don't see why not. I'm sharing his story with different travel and bicycle websites because I think it's incredible and have hope to build his YouTube channel to create a stronger following. I agree that would be great content.

I'm afraid I'm going to come off snarky here but if I do, I guess that's just the way it is. I have no problem with people traveling on a minimum budget but somewhere there is a time to be responsible for yourself.  I wonder if it's really  proper for your friend to expect and be dependent on the kindness of others to support him on his "vacation".  It smacks of entitlement to me. Whenever I traveled during my youth, I always worked, scrimped and saved to do it. That's not to say I didn't receive and accept help from people, many of them complete strangers. I most certainly did. But I wasn't dependent on them nor did I expect it of them. It was just a very nice dividend when traveling.  And it happened a lot for which I  am grateful.

He doesn't expect anything from anyone. He does stop to work when necessary and he never asks for money from anyone. He tells them his story what he's trying to accomplish and they reach out on their own free will to help and support. He makes it his obligation not to directly ask people for money. To him this isn't a vacation - it's a mission. I do appreciate your comment and hope you watch more of the videos from start to finish to get a better idea.

I see you posted identically worded blurbs on the same day here and on bikeforums.

Existing patreons drying up?

Blaine Bare, call your office!

Yeah I did. The idea is to get a wider audience. No, I don't think he has any patreons to begin with haha. But thank you for commenting.

He left with no income and no savings. He's using a $90 bicycle and is currently in northern California.

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