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Routes / Re: Goint to the Sun Road
« on: March 12, 2019, 03:58:53 pm »
I rode it both ways, self contained touring, at opening week summer 2016. Both ways are enjoyable.

For me, much of a ride's enjoyment is due to less traffic and better lighting for scenery as I ride.

West->East - longer, more scenic overall. More of the "classic" way - I encountered several day cyclists riding up "going to the sun" to the summit only - and not doing the other side.

East->West - less traffic?  better photography/views (sunlight for riding in morning). I believe less traffic because the pattern for vehicles is to come from the west, go over pass, and then return to the west, in an all-day road trip, taking many stops along the way.

Routes / Re: New Meadows to West Idaho shortcut - is it viable?
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:36:58 pm »
I'm late to this topic but thought I would add.

I did most of this route summer 2018 but I designed it on my own - good to see it was already designed by other. In fact I met a couple going the other way - east to west.

My modification is that from Arco I rode to Idaho Falls - a long stretch of nothing and wind (at my back) - with nice stop at EBR-1, National Historic Landmark.

Then beautiful ride from Idaho Falls to Swan Valley, and on up over pass to Victor.

Then Victor to Jackson, WY.

Note that this misses Yellowstone unless you then ride into Yellowstone from Jackson.

I had no problems with lodging - camped every day. Camped at New Meadows, Cascade, Crouch, Bonneville, Stanley, Redfish, Wood River, Carey city park, Craters of the Moon, Arco, Idaho Falls, Victor.

Routes / Re: route out of Denver to Siverthorne
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:49:46 am »
Summer 2016 I rode from Idaho Springs to Golden. I called a few bike shops in Denver to get a route and I believe I ended up using this route:

I primarily rode the 40 highway, with modification that I rode for about 2 miles on I-70 between Evergreen Parkway and Genesee Trail Rd. Then 40 all the way down the hill, and north to Golden.

Adventure Cycling Great Parks South map shows the route from Idaho Springs to Silverthorne/Dillon.

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