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Starting Tuesday (June 9) from Yorktown.
Have a great trip.

If your plans are not too set consider the following...

Personally I'd consider a start in the West given that start date.  McKenzie Pass would likely be open to bikes and still be closed to cars given your proposed start time if you started in the West.  You'd have to check to be sure, but I think they said it was opening the third week of June to cars and it usually opens for bikes a couple weeks earlier.  Most folks do an early start in the east or a later start in the west for better weather along the way.

Another thing to consider is that it is nice to have air travel out of the way at the beginning since you know the date you will start and don't know when you will finish.  So I always prefer to start on the opposite coast to the one I live on.

There are definitely pro's and cons to each direction.   With the original start date west to east was not an option.   It is now as you stated and we could.  And we discussed it and decided to stick with an  East to West trip.   Definitely agree the logistics are easier flying out west ... get it all out of way.   But I do like the idea of saving the best for the last.  For me thats riding out west.  Plus we are considering riding down the coast to the Bay area after we reach Oregon.  So we are sticking with plan A.   But thanks for the suggestions. 

Well I started this thread ... too bad I have not been getting notifications about the replies.  Anyway ....

Our initial thinking was postponing to as late as July.  Would give us enough time to still make the trip in nice weather.
We wanted the country to start opening up enough so that we could get lodging and food ... which actually was always the case I think.
But also feel like we would be welcomed out there.   With the entire country coming out of lock down in May/June the time had come.   
I called a bunch of lodging places in VA/KY and all said that they were open and there were plenty of eating options.     So ....
Our trip is back on!!!!!   Starting Tuesday (June 9) from Yorktown.   

We will be practicing all the CDC guidelines for social distancing.  Will be bringing masks,  hand sanitizer,  wipes.   Will do our best.
Hope to see others out on the road!

Adventure Cycling canceled tours through end of April.    So far no news for after that.   
I'm hearing that motels, campgrounds,  Air B&Bs are shutting down.    Obviously hosteling is a bad idea.   Seems many restaurants are doing curbside takeout.   Groceries are still available along the way.

I was looking forward to a self supported XC tour with one companion.   Originally planning to leave early May going East to West on the TA route.  Original plan was to do mostly motels and minimal camping.   Given the state of the country and no end in site for the pandemic, our plans are on hold ... wait and see.   I doubt the trip will happen this year.   Sad of course but staying safe and healthy and not spreading this terrible virus are the priorities of course.

What are other folks thinking?


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