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Hy guys !
4 years ago we cycled the west part of the transam (from boise to the tetons) and man it was awesome... Only concern was the traffic, sometimes to heavy and noisy :/ But i'll always remember the nez pierce region, yellowstone, chief joseph pass, lolo pass... People were so nice too!

This year we'd like to do another trip, we have 1 month in august, we like to do some climbing, we like remote places, about 50 miles per day.
I fear we already cycled the best part of the transam? Maybe someone has an idea for another route ?
thanks !

We're beginning a part of the transam but we're stuck at boise airport since 48hours, waiting for our luggage with all our camping stuff
Our plan to go to baker city has vanished
Now we need a way to get to the transam once our bagaghe arrive...
We can rent a van from boise to ontario. But then we don't know if it's safe to ride to cambridge?
Any help would be appreciated

General Discussion / Best option to rent a car from jackson to denver
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:36:48 am »
We will be cycling a part of the transam this summer (from baker city to jackson) and then rent a car to take us and the bike to denver aiport (no time to cycle this part)

I wonder if i have to book the car in advance (i don't really know when we'll make it to jackson) and if some renters are cheapper or better ?
We need a car that can take or 2 bikes :)
Thanks !

Routes / Bike trip from Boise to Denver following the transAm
« on: May 05, 2019, 05:50:54 am »
Hello guys :)
We are a french couple, 40, going to cycle the US this year
You helped me deciding the route : we are landing at Boise July 26th and flying back from Denver august 27th.
We will ride the transam to Jackson and then rent a car to go to denver airport.
I ordered the maps for section 3,4,5.

Here is the first question : how to get to the transam from Boise?
There seems to be a great route from Boise to New Meadows on road 55 ? Anybody did it ? There are not a lot of campings, is it allow to free camp ???
Thanks !

Hello !
It's my first post here :)
I'm french and i am planning a bike trip to the US.
This site has a lot of wonderfull information, so great !!! but i'd like to have some advice :)
Here are the details of my trip :
We are a couple, with some experiment in bike trips (500miles in norway, 500 miles i sweden, moutain ride in the alps...)
we have 1 month to ride, in august 2019 - including flight time from france.
I think we can aim at about 50miles a day (if not too steep!)

So we have no time to do the full pacific coast or transamerica...
We like nature and remote areas. We really don't like riding with traffic. We like to camp and will carry all the equipement.

I spotted 2 roads : pacific coast and transamerica. 1 month is not enough for the whole road.
My question are : which road would you recommend, and wich part ?
Right now i think the West part of the transamerica might be better (more remote, no traffic). In 1 month i should be able to do about 3 sections.
So : wich part would you advise ? 1-2-3 ?  i would miss yellowstone and Grand Teton...  3-4-5 ? great divide does not seem so good and no airport at the end of section 5...
Another thing is we'd like to be able to have a backup solution (take a bus?) if the trip is too long... or maybe it's possible to get help from people on the road that would take us and our bikes in their big SUV?

As for the pacific coast : it seems great too... here again it's too long, wich part would you recommand, and how's the traffic in august ?

Well that's a lot of questions for you guys :) Please help us make that trip come true! Thanks !!!

Pierre from france :)

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